Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Alzheimer Bracelet Story Continued

Here's an update on the bracelet issue:

1. Called MedicAlert and joined their program. ($39.95 for the first year)

Gave them all pertinent info: meds, doctor, next of kin notification, drug allergies etc. In return they will keep all info on file in case it is needed if someone finds me gone BOOGA-BOOGA and calls the number on said bracelet.

2. Bought the bracelet: ($19.95)

3. Paid for overnight shipping: ($21.00)

Total cost: $80.90

As compared to $7.00 if I had been able to find one at a drugstore.

When I questioned the lady about why the bracelets are not as available as, say, a diabetic's or hemophiliac's, she told me it was because they needed the information I had just given her about my disease.

She could not explain why there were bracelets for Diabetics, Hemophiliacs, Cardiac Patients, etc.

Could the reason be....... MONEY???

I don't know, y'all.

I just wish there were a Jonas Salk for dementia!

It's nice of you to visit me here. Please come back anytime



Timespanner said...

I think you've hit the nail on the proverbial. The information you gave is surely relevant with regard to other conditions and their tags as well. Yep, it's smellin' a bit financial to me, too.

Cheers for the Floyd.

Bill Craig said...


I am GLAD they have all that information, and I admit my ignorance about how the bracelets are to be utilized.

I think what is being offered to me is just a way of letting someone know who I am and what is wrong with me, and that's fine with me, Hon.

I just think it's way overpriced.

That 39.95 was just for the FIRST year. It drops down to 27.95 yearly after that.

I can afford that - right now. But what about the future, and what about those of us who CAN'T afford that fee?

I so appreciate your friendship and your support, Icewolf! ;)