Monday, December 1, 2008

My First Alzheimer Dream

Today I had the first dream during which I had to explain that I have Alzheimer Related Dementia.

Here's the setting: Went in for a haircut, and as the young lady began cutting it, I suddenly found myself in another area of the mall, wondering what I what I was doing there looking for speaker wire (for a surround-sound system I just ordered for my computer in "real life").

So I said to my self "OMG!" and went back to the barber shop where I found another lady waiting beside my chair. As she resumed cutting my hair, I asked what had happened to the previous young lady?

"She thought you didn't like the way she was cutting your hair, and that's why you left."

"No, that isn't why. See, I was just recently diagnosed with, blah, blah, blah...... and I am not always cognizant of my actions"

And that is where the dream stopped. I found it kinda strange that I am now dreaming about this shitty disease and am wondering if this is my mind's way of finally accepting that I have it?

Comments are always welcome.

By the way, I know that I come across as "bitter" in some of these blog entries, and I suppose I am, but it isn't meant to offend you, my friends, whom I appreciate more than I can say.

So in keeping with that "theme" here's a couple of guys who want to sing you a song from me to you.



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