Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Little More Pot Pourri For Ya?

As many of you know, I'm very active in animal welfare. Not as much as I'd like to be, but I keep myself informed and contribute what I can where I can, and in keeping with that, I've found a way to help contribute funds which only requires a little time: filling out surveys.

Now, one has to be careful with this, because some of those sites are nothing but scammers and spammers, but I've found a trustworthy one and I'll tell you about it, if you'll send me an e-mail. I can't mention it in the blog because that would be advertising, and the blog isn't set up that way, sorry.

It isn't only surveys (those are the "money-makers"), it's also "paid e-mails" (which only pay 2 cents per mail), but it all adds up, and when you get to a certain amount, you ask to be sent a check, and mine goes to the Paulding County Humane Society, alternated with the Carroll County Humane Society.

So if you want to know more, send me a private message and I'll tell you about it.

As I stated above, I do stay abreast of what goes on in the animal welfare world, and as I surfed the web this afternoon, I found this picture:

I have seen some pitiable photographs of animals, but not one which hit me as hard as this one does. It relates to a petition Californians are asked to sign to be sent to their Governor Jerry Brown regarding the length of time an animal is kept before it is killed. The link is here if you're interested.

The sleeplessness continues, as does the periodic incontinence and, for the first time, some very dark thoughts about myself. Not only thought, but voiced and that's a totally new and scary thing for me to be experiencing. I'll have to explore those in a little more detail with my shrink and/or counsellor at our next meeting.

Does that surprise you? If so, why? Remember, I've said from the very beginning of writing this blog, I will share with you everything that is going on with me no punches pulled, so this is what I'm sharing with you now.

I hope no one thought that just because I try to keep things light-hearted here, that I don't have bad days. I do. Dark times, pretty mama. Dark times indeed.

But! I have my "Saving Graces"! Dondra, Julian, Jason, Susan (my son and daughter in law) and, last but not least, The Bertster (My Maine Coon kitty, brought to my apartment and left with me ostensibly for just a short time, but it turned out to be "forwever more", because we kinda just fell in love with each other).

Heeeeeere's Bertie!

So I have to try to hold on to these little graces of mine and try to remember it isn't about me, no matter how bad the days may get, and I may need y'all to remind me from time to time if I get too down in the mouth! Could ya do that for me?

One thing that helps is to always have something going - one project or another - even something so simple as writing a song or a poem. Gotta stay busy and try to remember not to wet my britches! LOL!!!!


That little guy up there? Please don't let him and his brothers and sisters go hungry, okay? Please click the icon below to feed them. It won't cost you anything and you can do it every day. I do appreciate y'all coming here and reading my drivel, but I appreciate even more your love for the four-footed ones. Always.

The Animal Rescue Site

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Margaret said...

Dear Bill, of course you're bound to have dark moments, there is no need to censor yourself here. It's good that you also remember the good stuff. Your blog would not be the honest story of someone dealing with early-onset Alzheimer's if you pretended that everything was hunky-dory.

It seems to me that you have quite a few projects- not the least of which is PLAYING MUSIC. I hope you manage to have fun with that and that you'll share some of the music with us.