Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Be My/Our Hero

There's going to come a time when you'll see less and less of me here on the blog. I'm tryin', but some days it seems like it's getting harder to pull things together, thought-wise. So while it's on my mind, I want you to do something for me: Get involved with Alzheimer's and find out what you can do to help, or what to do if you need help, for yourself or someone you care about.

Do this for them, first of all; for us, secondly, and then for yourselves. If for some reason I've meant anything to you in the past, then do it for that reason.

Don't think you know someone with Alzheimer's Disease? Bet you're wrong - or soon will be. Alzheimer's related dementia is diagnosed every 58 seconds. In early 2010 it was 70 seconds.

We all have our heroes. With me it's the fictional Batman, The Three Musketeers and King Arthur.
Now I'd like to add one more set of real-life heroes: you guys.

You start by contacting the Alzheimer's Association at and educating yourself and then contact your local chapter. The one I work out of is in Atlanta.

I'm doing my best to make a difference, but pretty soon (I think), I'll have to pass the ball on to you.

Hope you'll be there to catch it.

From the poetry corner of J. Andrew Haknort (1907-1975)


I was eaten by a tiger
In his stomach I was cooped
I got out only yesterday
And I was really pooped

Be their hero too, okay? Just click to feed!

The Animal Rescue Site




Margaret said...

Bill, a very moving post. From your writing, I'd say that you're far from being unable to communicate with us. Don't start censoring yourself now. Let us stay as long as possible with you.

You've made a difference in my life, in my awareness of this disease. Though an brilliant astrophysician I know of--and whose daughter is my step-daughter-in-law-- suffered of Alzheimer's and eventually died of it, nobody mentioned details of his condition around me, it almost seemed to be a source of shame. Totally unfair.

This astrophysician is the one who did the play-by-play description andof the moon landing, as well as the science involved, on Radio-Canada/CBC way back when, for instance. He was amazing, an inspiration.

You are amazing, an inspiration. Take good care of yourself and Dondra. Hugs to you both.

Bill Craig said...


(Anytime I type you Straight Dope nick, I fall in love with "Mood Indigo" all over again!)

Wow! I sure didn't know that about ---- was he your husband --- can't figure it out.

Thanks for the kind words, but may I ask a small favor, please? Spare some of your kindness for Dondra. She's having a rough time, and I have to watch her like a hawk, and try my best to stay aquainted with her meds and all the stuff going on with her medically right now. It's tough, because some days I don't know whether to shit or go blind.

She never complains and her family doesn't know, so it's just me, my son and our daughter in law.

Has this astrophysician had anything published, because I sure would like to read his stuff. I am VERY interested in space and the colonization of Mars! Who knows, me and the Martians might even hit it off, if I'm not too old to make the trip!

Thanks, as always, for your words of love and kindness, dear Margaret, and a written hug to you from the lovely Dondra!