Friday, October 7, 2011

Update #4 On D

We're still here, although we had a bit of a scare last night.

D started to feel bloated, which is one of the symptoms she experienced last year when her anestemosis incision burst and rleased "free air" into her abdomen. Quick surgery was what saved her life then and we thought it was happening again last night, so we had the nurse call the doctor who ordered a stat xray to check for free air, but she had none, so we dodged that bullet.

So, we're still dealing with the atrial fib and she has a Heparin drip to help with that, but so far nothing, and D says it's a very UNPLEASANT feeling which keeps her awake all night.

Hematologist was in llast night and told us that ALL her blood values were low, so the neck fusion surgery is off indefinitely.

Lung doctor just left and told us pretty much the same thing: the high PAP is a symptom of something, but they don't know what just yet, so they're going to find out what it isn't and go from there.

Again, I think we're looking at the right sided heart cath as soon as she stabilizes a bit, but for the interim, we're still here at least for the weekend.

Just now, we found out she also has gallstones and fatty deposits on her liver. So, some kind of surgery will be done sometime soon.



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