Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Problems With Medicare Part D And A Few Words About Dondra

And because she's the most important, she gets the number 1 slot.

She continues to recover from her surgery, but still has a lot of pain. Today, though, she was upset because, except for me helping to exercise and take her showers, she can't do anything yet but lie in bed.

But today the dam burst and she began to cry, telling me she was so tired of being in bed, but because of the pain, she really can't do anything she usually does, such as housework and cooking, which she loves to do.

I gave her a hug and reminded her of how big the gallbladder was, and that removing one of that size would cause some serious post-operative pain and that everything is okay. I'm taking care of her and everything which needs doing, and all she has to do is her breathing exercise, and continue to ambulate. (and give ne a little "sugar" every once in a while, LOL)

She gets very short of breath because of the pulmonary hypertension, but she has an oxygen concentrator and some portable O2 tanks if she needs them.

I know it must be tough on her, being such a normally active person, but I'm thinking positive and remind her that now she no longer needs to use her cane or her walker. I think both of those things are part of what's making her feel so bad, so we'll continue as we are, and I'll continue to take care of her.

My Medicare Part D (the drug coverage part) is driving me up the wall, dammit.

I went online today to enroll and when I got to the very last page, I was informed that it won't be effective until 1.1.2012, and that is unacceptable because I need all my meds to be filled at reasonable Medicare prices, and I don't need to run out of any of them.

On the entry page I was told if one is new to Medicare (as I am. It went into effect on 9.1) one could still get coverage for 2011, but when I called and talked to service rep at United Healthcare, I was informed after 10 minutes that unless I had something wrong with my retina or had recently moved, I had to wait until January 1st.

In all, I had to talk to 4 different people, in addition to an online chat with customer service ( one of those guys was very hard to understand due to being English speaking challenged)., and when the phone lost it's charge, and I got a monster of a headache, that was it for tonight. Northing is simple anymore, is it? I'll try again in the morning, I reckon, but I have drugs for 2 weeks, so I'm hoping one of my docs might have some samples to get me through if nothing can be done.


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