Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween To All My Werewolf Buds!

And I guess we'd better do something 'bout "BILLY", right?

And you didn't think I'd forget this one, didja? This movie plays on my birthday every year! No not on Halloween! On December 31st!

Have a "Ghoul Night" y'all!


PS: And don't forget the 4-legged ones who aren't werewolves! Thanks!

The Animal Rescue Site


Anonymous said...

"Little Ol' lady got mutilated late last night"!

7 "l's". Don't ya just love the way all of those just run across your fangs? errrr, tongues???? HOL!

("Howl Out Loud!")


Anonymous said...

You'd better keep away from him!
He'll rip your lungs out, Jim!

(Hey, the little old lady line was already taken.)

When the song came out, my best FIEND thought 'His hair was purple.'

I wonder if there really is a Lee Ho Fuks in Soho?


Anonymous said...

My friend Johnny from The Straight Dope, visiting. Welcome to my craziness.

I thougnt it was Lee Ho "Fluks".

Anyway, thanks to you and the roomie for stopping by!

Bill (quasimodem)