Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good News About The Medicare Part D!

The insurance company has agreed to begin it November 1st,which is only 13(!) days away.

Meanwhile, I have checked into "Georgia Cares" (neither of us can qualify for "Extra Care', which they feature on the site, because we make too much.)  One has to make under 22, 300K for 2 persons in a household, so why not give this a try if you live here in Jawja. Maybe you'll make the cut.

The Sun Assocation is much more liberal. Here are their conditions and secondly, D and I want to apply for this, because for a $25.00 application fee and $100.00 a month for all of the costs they can reduce, we can save a lot of money, because our med costs are killing us.

They do all the paperwork, although one (or two of us because Dondra will be involved), but we have to do some as well: List all prescriptions and dosages, the prescriber, his or her address and phone number. We don't mind paying the fees, if it's legit.

Check into it, at least. It's nationwide!

I'll leave you with an Alzheimer's joke and ask you to please remember that I laugh at this stupid piece of shit disease and how it affects all of us!

Do you want to join the Alzheimer's protest march? If so, learn the chant...

"What do we want?"

"I don't know!"

"When do we want it?"

"Want what?"
We're bad and we're "Nationwide"! Contact your local Alzheimer's Association if you need help, or leave me a note here! I am an advocate for you and I don't care where you live!

Thanks for remembering the animals, but no sympathy for the a-holes who try to keep predators on their so-called "preserve"!
The Animal Rescue Site

I appreciate it!


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