Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dementia In The Classroom, Part III

I had to think about that title for a bit, but what the heck, it fits, right?

Well, I got a really quick reply from Georgia Department of Education's Pam Smith, and a really nice follow-up from Therese McGuire:

Good afternoon Mr. Craig,

Pamela Smith forwarded your email to me. I am the health education program specialist at the Ga Department of Education.

The Georgia Department of Education sets health education performance standards provide an outline for curriculum development. Those provide concepts in health curricula, which is to provide a framework from which curricula (which is often topic specific) can be developed aligned to local needs.
Local school systems develop and design their own curriculum, instruction and assessment. Here is a link to those standards:

There are several ways to work with local systems and help provide curricula and/or information concerning Alzheimer's and other dementia.
One you mentioned are one time school presentations. In addition existing educational materials that may be available can be shared with schools and local school systems.

There are eight national health standards.... materials aligned to those standards and aligned to grade levels help schools to better use the materials.

If these exist for schools, I would be able to share those with contacts statewide. (I am not able to share or forward for profit information or anything that might be inappropriate for children)

If such educational materials do exist for children in grades K-12, it is often good to send them out to schools in conjunction with awareness months or campaigns but they can be shared at any time.

I hope this provides some insights and direction.

Therese McGuire, Ed.S.
Program Specialist
Health and Physical Education
Georgia Department of Education

Well, it does provide direction for me. Insight as well, and I thank Ms McGuire for her quick and detailed answer!

My next step is to schedule an appointment with Cindy Saxon who heads up the grades 9-12 curriculum for our schools here in Carroll County, and see what can be done to include teaching about Alzheimer's and related dementias in our schools.

Failing that, I'll just go and teach it myself  by invitation(and give a pop quiz afterward, if they'll let me!).

I'll keep y'all posted, but you know I have to stick my nose in just about everything to have something to do, right?

On another topic, Dondra wanted me to say thanks to everyone for their thoughts, well-wishes and prayers! She continues to recover, but still isn't able to walk for very long at a time. Don't worry, y'all! I'm taking very good care of her!

It's the weekend, so here's one my band and I ("BC And The Cavemen") used to play, and you're not allowed to dance to it! (J/K :))

In an upcoming blog entry, I hope to introduce you to Mr. Rick Phelps, another proactive Alzheimer's patient with a huge amount of talent. Just a really special and likeable guy.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, (stay warm, fellow Georgians!) and don't forget the 4-legged ones, who are lonely, cold and hungry. Just click the link below to feed!
The Animal Rescue Site



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