Monday, October 10, 2011

D Update #8 The Right-Side Cardiac Cath

After several false starts, a cancellation and a re-order, Dondra's cath was finally done this morning at 11. Dr. Miller told us that becaus the results are inconclusive, he wants to repeat an echocardiogram when she's in "normal sinus rhythm" (otherwise known as a normal heart beat, not blowing one's nose to a rhumba!) so he can take some measurements and put her on the correct meds.

One thing he did notice is that her heart has a "stiff" left ventricle, which interferes with the regular pumping of the heart. For this reason, he says, her case is still a mystery, so he'll continue the IV's and cardiac blood tests.

Also nothing conclusive about the pulmonary hypertension. But, taking all the symptoms together: the swelling of the extremities, the atrial fib and the chest tightness, it's been determined that all are contributary.

On a related matter, her Nephrologist came in this morning, told us the scan of the gallbladder was normal and the removal of it is therefore and "elective" procedure, meaning he wasn't planning on having it removed during this admission, and would send her home with gallstones and pain.

I do not agree with this and have said as much. She's here, she's been here almost a week, and there's no reason why a cholecystectomy can't be done now rather than have her go home and come back in pain. It's not only silly, it's stupid. I'll see an ombudsman (person) to get this done if I have to.

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