Saturday, October 8, 2011

D Update #5

D is feeling better today, although one of her meds is making her perspire profusely, so bad her sheets are wet, but we'll trade all of her pain for a little sweat any day!

Her atrial fib is gone for the time being (due to the Heparin kicking in, I reckon), and she had a pain-free night for a change.

The cardiac cath is now definitely scheduled for Monday, and the gallbladder surgery will for sure be done after that laparoscopically.

She'll be going home with a rolling walker, which, to me, will take a lot of getting used to, because she's always been so strong, but I can put up with it since it's temporary. We don't know yet when we'll be discharged, just sometime next week.

The not so good news is that she's throwing some PVC's (pre-mature ventricular contractions), and that is some concern, because if they keep up, she'll be moved to ICU.

Other than that, we're good, and still optimistic, because, after all, they did find all that stuff IN the hospital instead of having to come to the ER multiple times.

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