Wednesday, October 12, 2011

D Update 11: Still Here

The wifi here is horrendous, so I haven't been able to write until just now.

D is getting up to go the bathroom, although she's still in a lot of pain. She's doing her incentive sprirometry exercises, but still gets short of breath so she's on O2. I'm keeping her spirits up by being her very own 60's dj from songs stored on this laptop. One she likes is at the bottom of this entry.

We don't know yet when we'll get to go home. We had hoped it would be tomorrow, Thursday, but they're not talking like it.

The gallbladder from hell was so large they had to keep drawing bile out of it, to make it small enough to fit into the bag. They gave us a view of it, which I told her I would frame once we got home. Here's what she said: "Not!" lol

Maybe since she's up and around, albeit slowly, it might not take the entire 14 days to recuperate. We hope so, but I'm not letting her get up until she's pain free

Since I don't drive anymore, a couple of our friends will come and the husband will drive us as his wife follows, thereafter I'll be taken to the grocery and drug store to pick up enough drugs and foodstuffs to get us through a week at least, so we don't have to inconvenience anyone else. I already do most of the house cleaning, so except for doctoring Dondra (she's going to fix her own daily meds from the bed), it won't be anything tough I'll be doing once we get home.

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