Saturday, October 1, 2011

Altruistic? Moi??? Just Some Musings.

Oh, I don't know. Maybe. I certainly want to be and did start out that way early in life.  At age 17, I asked my then-girlfriend, Lynn, if she'd like to spend a couple of years in the Peace Corps with me after we graduated, and got laughed at for my trouble. So no Peace Corps, 'cause I sure didn't want to go by myself - not that I might not have met someone there and developed a relationship.

So up we broke and went our separate ways: college.

In my broadcasting days, I hosted numerous telethons (seemed like I was on for some cause every weekend) to the point where people would tell me, "Bill we just love you to death, but you're on the air all the time, asking for money!!!!" Oh well.

At West Georgia College (now University), my Philosophy Prof once asked us: "How do you justify your existence?", and that's been on my mind ever since. Why am I here and what am I here to do?
For that, I go to the Hippocratic Oath: "First, do no harm". But I have harmed. With words and deeds.
Always with regrets, yes, but that didn't stop me. Maybe you have hurt someone too and were sorry afterwards?

Whatever happened to live and learn and how do you justify your existence?

I haven't talked about it very much but during my divorced days, I considered entering a monastery. But no, I am not that disciplined and, though having grown up in the Catholic Church, don't know for sure if there's a God. I have many questions for the Big Guy, if he's there: such as why so many wars in His name and why so many churches/religions. Apparently people can't make up their minds and neither can I. Will Dec. 21 2012 make a believer out of me? Maybe in the Aztecs.

So I try my best to make life better for the animals. Both unwanted and mistreated, and that's how I justify my existence, and that, I feel, is how Saint Francis justified his. So when it's my time, I hope someone will say about me: "He sure did love the animals, didn't he?" Leaving something behind, as it were.

My Alzheimer's Advocacy? Well yes, that too, but there's a bit of selfishness there, I think. After all, I am helping myself as I try to help others. Still, I will do what I can and all I can for as long as I can.

Thanks for allowing me to vent a little, although "venting" assumes anger, doesn't it? If I'm angry at all, it's because I have this stupid disease and one day, if there's no cure, will be of no use to anyone including the four footed ones.

Have a great weekend. It's cooling off a little here in Georgia and I'm looking forward to our little "Oktoberfest/Birthday Party" (for my brother) tomorrow. Some pickin' grinnin' and drummin' with some good company.

May I share a bit of music for the season with you? Here's the song of the Oktoberfest from my homeland: "In München Steht Ein Hofbräu Haus":

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Bill Craig said...

This works for me now!

Beth said...

Yes. this looks more like what it's supposed to be. Now, on to the content.

Two things, firstly. this post remind me of the Dickinson poem

If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain;
If I fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.

I think that people do their best things without thinking, If you can make one persons day better, one situation better and do a bit of good, every day, it spreads.
Sometimes, it's the little things we do that matter.
Secondly. I was tellingsomeone this about you the other day, how you help the animals, and other people with AD. I really admire you for this. in case I forgot to tell you.

Bill Craig said...

That is a very apt poem and a very sweet sentiment from you, Bethie, thank you very much! Also, thanks for keeping on trying to post here. Lots of hugs to you, my friend!----- Bill

Anonymous said...

HI Bill. My name is Leesa Copeland and I am an active member of the Alzheime'rs Group of Carroll County. One of our memeber heard you speak on a local radio station recently. We are planning our 5th Annual Alzheimer's Resource Day and would like to talk to you about being a featured speaker ~ Monday Oct 24. If this is something you would consider, please call me at work: 770-537-4482. Thanks!