Monday, August 8, 2011

Not A Real Good Week Last Week

The forgetting words is getting worse. It used to happen just very sporadically, but now about 80% when I speak and about 30% of the time when I write. "What do you call this thing?", Dondra answers that "it's the thermostat, Bill". Stuff like that.

It's very unsettling and frustrating, especially when I forget the names of my grandchildren. In that instance, I compensate and call Julian, "the little one", and Amber "the 19 year old".

Dreaming of not knowing where I am, and asking myself if this is a signal that things are about to get much worse?

Not being motivated enough to play my musical instruments, play Warcraft or read.

Not sleeping well.

Today, Dondra used some new terminology with me: "I wish you'd let go of that!", meaning I saw some stuff in the freezer in bowls, and asked her if this was some food for her widowed brother that he could heat up?

Apparently, I had asked that same question numerous times this past weekend.

Last Saturday night we went to a birthday party, and as sometimes happens now, I was talking to someone and lost my train of thought and stopped. Dondra had to "cue" me what to say. Sometimes when that happens, folks will think I'm finished and walk away. Guess they weren't listening in the first place.

Going home from that same party, I wanted to use the car charger on my wireless, but couldn't fit the plug into its slot. Dondra hadn't yet learned where the interior lights were on her new car, so she took the cord from me with one hand while driving with the other.

I thought she was going to try to do it herself so I flipped out and yelled at her to "Drive dammit! Don't mess with this! I'll wait till I get home!"
She yelled back at me that she had no intentions of doing that, and so for one of the very few times we ever do this, we had "words".

Suzette came by the house today for our weekly counselling session, and I told her about it, and she says I'm still having some PTSD ("post-traumatic stress disorder") from the three car wreck I caused 3 months ago.

Yea, I suppose that's true, but I have to fight not to be a front seat driver and sometimes Dondra scares me so bad driving my sphincter locks up and my colon pops right out of my ass. So we'll be working on that.

I have also gotten myself a monthly planner calendar in which I will write at least one planned activity daily, such as "guitar for 15 minutes, drums for 15 minutes", etc. The goal being to work up the motivation by using baby steps.

So all in all, not a good week for me and I'm looking forward to a better one this week.

Today, another one of my counsellors, Kathy, who also serves as Advocacy Manager sent me a reminder about Saturday's Alzheimer's town hall meeting. It isn't too late to register, and I hope to see you there.

This is Bobby Long, whom D saw recently on television. I like his music a lot and he is being hailed as the "new" Bob Dylan. See what you think. He definitely has that "folksy" sound, IMO.

Please don't forget the animals and to click to feed them:

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Beth said...

Hope you had a better week this week *HUGS*