Thursday, July 21, 2011

What About The Caregivers?

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First, thanks for all the comments, both about the blog and the article in WoW Insider. Blogger (my blog server) isn't letting me answer you in the comments section and I've sent them an e-mail asking them to fix that, so sorry for the problem.

Unless you've been to Mars, you know about the scaremongering that Obama is doing by saying things like "I can't guarantee Social Security Checks or Military Retirement Pay unless we come to some kind of agreement on the budget."

Hogwash. First of all, he shouldn't have said it, and secondly, there's plenty of waste programs which can be eliminated to cover those of us who depend on that monthly check. I don't think he really wants 55 million of us pissed off enough to march on his House, do you? And that's what it would come to if he pulls those checks! Gray Power to the people!

Okay, to the subject of the caregivers.

I want to link you to a very well-written article by Lisa Poisso regarding that very subject. Sorry, but you'll have to cut and paste, blogger also won't let me do a link.

Lisa uses a term called "sandwich caregiver". That doesn't mean serving sandwiches to those of us with a dementia, but someone who is a caregiver and caught between 2 generations. Perhaps there are children in the house with the dementia patient. That is "sandwich caregiving" and it stresses.

My wife is an SC. She takes care of me, a "Baby Boomer" and also her elderly 75 year old brother and 80 year old sister (in their homes). There's also the fact due to her medical training as an RN and respiratory therapist, the entire family calls her for medical advice!

And that is exactly why I try my damndest to be as little trouble to her as I can be. Hell, I don't even want her to cook for me! Before we re-married I was content with microwave meals. And so, I try to take as much of the burden of running our house as I can.

On August 13th, Dondra and I will be at a NAPA (National Alzheimer's Project Act) town hall meeting in Dunwoody Georgia. "The 2010 National Alzheimer's Project Act (NAPA) is a major legislative victory for Alzheimer's. Because of NAPA, the federal government is now undertaking a historic effort to create a comprehensive plan to overcome the Alzheimer's disease crisis.". This will be an opportunity for advocates like myself to make suggestions and give input as to how we can go from "Act to Action". We need a plan, now that the bill has been signed and that's the reason for this meeting.

Also, in your community (or nearby) the Alzheimer's Walk will be happening soon. So contact your local chapter and form a team or walk yourself in support of your loved one with the disease:

A couple of weeks ago I was watching German television streaming on my computer and I saw a program which featured a musical group of young people who call themselves "Three Bottles of Wine". The blending of their voices and the instrumentation (guitar and keyboard) really caught my attention and I asked Florian, Julia and Marco if I could feature the song "Never Forget" on the blog and they agreed:

Their homepage is at Again, please copy and paste while I try to get blogger off their butts to fix this. The site is in German, but google does a translation of sorts, and there are some other tunes on the site under "Musik" that you can click on to hear. I hope to be able to get them a gig in Atlanta, maybe at Eddie's Attic.

That's it for this time, but I have a special message for "popor on eu. lightbringer": I have your suggestion and will carry it out as soon as I can, and thanks very much for taking the trouble to write it all out.

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