Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Weekly Counselling Sessions With Suzette

As I mentioned in a previous entry, my counsellor Suzette now comes to visit us on a weekly basis, which I think is totally wonderful!

She explained that our chapter of the Alzheimer's Association was recently given a grant (A grant! We were given MONEY! Now give us some MORE, please! Just call me "Oliver".) to visit each of her patients in their homes.

This began 3 weeks ago and Dondra and I look forward to each visit, as we share with her any new symptoms, or worsening of the present ones I am having.

I have had counselling before, but it was for depression and possible borderline (which has since been ruled out), and those sessions really weren't all that productive.

Now that dementia has been added to the "mix", I can at least work on what's left of my cognitive processes as well as the depression accompanying this disease.

Without boring you too much, during her hour with us, Suzette spends time listening and providing tools we can both use to deal with what's going on with me.

As to the format, I suggested she speak to us separately so that neither I nor Dondra might be reluctant to mention something for fear of hurting the other's feelings, and that's what we 're doing. I have no idea what's being told Suzette and neither does Dondra. (Is that sentence understandable?)

No idea how long we'll be able to do the weekly sessions, but I can already tell they're helping and I feel like some doors are being opened that heretofore have been closed.

One of the things we'll be working on is my worsening ability to "follow through" with plans and/or ideas.

For instance, I may have the idea of playing my guitar for a little while, so I stand up and head to the music room, but on the way there I will have already changed my mind. And that isn't just with the guitar, it's with most everything in my daily life!

Maybe I'll decide to go and give my wife a hug and tell her I love her, but the very next moment, I will already have decided to wait.

This, coupled with my memory loss is extremely frustrating to me, so it will be one of the things we'll prioritize.

I want to also reiterate that I will still be seeing my neuro-psychiatrist every month, so that both he and Suzette can be in the loop regarding my care.

Up to now, we've been worrying about medicine cost and the cost of doctor visits, but Medicare begins for me in September, so unless President Obama mucks it up, as he's trying to do with Social Security, my care should be a lot less expensive.

Due to the interview I just did with WoW Insider, we have two more followers of the blog. One of them called it a "rollercoaster", and I have no cause to argue. My life really has been that way. The interview has also gained me some World of Warcraft in-game friends, so it will be much more fun to play. The game is and has been great therapy for me in that it helps with my cognitive skills, and I appreciate Blizzard's (the company which runs WoW)interest in me.

So that's it for this time. Thanks as always for reading and please remember the animals. Support your local shelter, adopt if you can and spay/neuter if you haven't already. Also, don't forget to click the button below to feed a dog or cat, thanks!

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Margaret said...

Hi Bill, it's great to see how proactive you and Dondra are with regards to your dementia. I've been checking the blog regularly, sending good vibes your way.
Keep up the good work! Hugs to you both,

Anonymous said...

It was nice catching up with you on the phone and hearing your voice.

Margaret has said what I pretty much had on my mind to say.

Glad to hear and read that you are doing as well as can be and keeping active.

Where can I read the WOW article?

Love and Hugs to you and D, Becks :-))

Anonymous said...

test post

Anonymous said...

Looks like I can only post as anonymous, so this is Bill. Thanks and the wow article is at