Saturday, July 9, 2011


Heh! Shock y'all just a tad, there?

I just meant that she married me twice, not that she's, you know...;-). I am very, very lucky and that old saying is 100% correct: It is sweeter the second time around. (See? I can do "romantic" when I have to! :-))

Dondra is a special lady and everyone who meets her for the first time is charmed by her easy manner and personality. That she's very beautiful is icing on the cake!

Her birthday is Monday and if y'all have time, I know she'd appreciate having a card or a short e-mail from you, and thanks!

In other "me" news: I am about to be featured in a magazine called WoW Insider. "WoW" stands for World of Warcraft and is an online game (mmorpg) that I play and which I use to keep my short-term memory intact as much as possible. I play a character called "Wolkenlaufre" ("Cloudwalker") who is a level 85 warrior and who does various quests for gold and reputation. Here he is in his latest armor:

The blue writing indicates my name and the name of my guild: "Knights Who Say Ja". (sharp readers may notice the reference to a famous Monty Python flick).

This interview was suggested by my very good friend Megan from the Straight Dope where I post on a regular basis. She and many others in the "WoW Thread" have been very helpful to me with the game and I give them all the credit for getting me to level 85! Thanks, y'all and thanks, Megan!

Many of you know of my love for the composer Ludwig van Beethoven, and since I mentioned him in a previous entry, I want to now tell you that I have read pretty much all I could find biographical about him and would like to write a speculative article exploring the fact he might have had Alzheimer's.

It has been tough going for me, because much of what was written was sensational and mostly untrue, including the book written by Anton Schindler who was Beethoven's companion and secretary during his latter days. I have had to sift through the material itself as well as do searches on the internet to discover what little I could, but from reading his letters, I notice that he was most lucid even at the end, with the written word, and he wrote a lot of letters! When one realizes that because of his deafness he kept himself very much in seclusion, it is easy to see why he wrote and sketched (his symphonies) so much. His deafness was his bane. After all what a terrible thing for a gifted composer to lose his hearing, right?

That's all I want to say at the moment other than to tell you I am keeping busy with my own music, writing and my "daily chores" here at home. There is now also a "Handicapped" tag on Dondra's new HHR, and that is something both of us find a little tough getting used to.

Thanks and happy birthday to my sweetie!


I tried to learn this for you, honey, but it occurred to me too late. So sorry, Mac will have to fill in for me.

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Backthief said...

I read your story in WoW Insider, amazing one. Keep up the good job, good health!

from Brazil!

Beep said...

I read your story on WoW Insider - I just wanted to let you know that I found it very inspiring.

from Germany :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

below is a re-post of my comment on your story at wow-insider.


Let me suggest something in the game that you may enjoy. You said, "Sometimes Silka (my gryph and land mount) and I just fly/ride around and enjoy the pretty scenery." I also see on your profile that you have approximately 58% of the world explored.

Therefore, I think that you might like trying for the explorer title.

It is a time-consuming, yet relatively easy and enjoyable task that will take you to every corner of Azeroth and Outland. At the end, you get to add "the Explorer" to the end of your name.

Lastly, let me also suggest that you join an active social guild. Just let them know that you are not interested in raiding but would enjoy the social aspects of the guild. My own guild raids fairly regularly, but I am not part of that, however, I enjoy interacting with them in all other aspects of the game. I see on your realm forums, that the guild Everlasting Salvation might be able to offer a fun social environment for you.

Best of luck,
popora on eu-lightbringer (H)

Zara said...

Hi Bill

I hope you're keeping well. Just wanted to say I read your story on WoW Insider and I was truly moved. What you're doing is amazing and the energy you must have to do it all is really a gift. Well done on getting to 85 and I hope WoW holds many more adventures for you.

All my best
Sehlyn on Defias Brotherhood (EU)