Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back From The Hospital.....

....... and she's as good as new! HA-HA! Now all I gotta do is keep her off the salt. (DOUBLE-HA!) See, when she had her abdominal surgery last year (when she almost died, remember?) she started retaining fluid and the diuretics alone just weren't getting rid of the swelling.

She finally got to the point where it was affecting her breathing and her doctor decided (finally) to get aggressive and admit her and draw the fluid off with IV therapy and leg wraps. So now those fine looking gams are back and they drew off like 10 pounds of fluid (YIKES!).

Home therapy to be performed by yours truly: putting her compression hose on both legs which is very painful indeed (they are pressurized down to 40 mm of mercury which means they are VERY TIGHT!), to the point where she cries out and has tears.

This morning we did a trial run and instead of slipping the stockings onto bare skin we used powder which wasn't AS painful, so I had the bright idea of picking up some WD-40 on the way home to make it even easier. (Just kidding!)

So we're home after 4 nightds and still got the move ahead of us. Since we're both "walking wounded" (both of us with the arthritis) we're paying to have someone move us, but we're packing ourselves. Also, I'm not letting anyone touch my drums, guitars and keyboard but me, so I will have that little bit of lifting to do - which I won't mind a bit.

Still got lots to tell y'all about the Alzheimer's Advocacy Forum D and I attended in Washington DC, so stay tuned and let me get settled (should be next week, now).

It's in the mid 90's down here in Georgia already, with not much humidity today, so it's kinda like an ocean breeze when the wind blows.

Thanks to Ann and Becks for the well-wishes and I'll be back soon. Remember to click to feed and here's one we'll dedicate to ME!

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Margaret said...

Phew, I'm glad Dondra is home and that you're taking good care of her. I missed your previous post(s) because I was busy with a friend in the hospital.
Good luck with the move!
Dondra, get well soon! Take care both of you.