Wednesday, February 16, 2011

(My) Life Expectancy As It Relates To Dementia

This is a subject which has occupied my life of late: ever since I found out I have Alzheimer's related dementia.

As you can see from the link (just click on the title line above to read), no one really knows for sure, do they.

Some stats say 4.1 for males and 4.5 for females, depending on life style and prior history of head injuries.

In my case, I have no idea what my life expectancy may be, but you may rest assured I am keeping a close eye on my symptoms and maintaining as active a lifestyle as I can.

If it can be considered "a good thing", barring an accident or a cancer, I have at least some idea of when I may die, so this gives me more than an average ability to be proactive and hope for a cure.

As I mentioned, I do have a fear of dying, but before I began my skydiving, I also had a fear of heights (I once jokingly said that I can't even stand to be this tall), so I am hoping that as time goes by, I will become more accepting and life my life as if I were to die tomorrow (to loosely quote a country song).

Reading, the enclosed article, you will note that folks like us are uninsurable, and since I am no longer working, what I will leave behind is enough to cover my cremation. D and I have been discussing this and various alternatives, so she won't be left penniless when I "had out". One of these alternatives is winning the lottery.

The article is also a good "refresher" on the types of dementia.

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