Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great News!!!!

Today, I received a letter from SSDI telling me that a favorable decision was returned from the administrative law judge who heard my appeal on February 2nd.

After almost 3 years of living from paycheck to paycheck, my wife working because I could not and living like nomads, this whole nightmare is finally over.

Well, almost. I have to fill out some paperwork at Social Security which will determine how much I'll get a month and how much is owed me retroactively, but the worst is behind us.

My thanks to Becky and Bill, Lisa, Margaret and everyone who visits the blog (well, all except one and he knows who I'm talking about) as well as all my Doper friends for hanging with me throughout this whole thing. It has just about worn me out, going to Doctors' appointments, being tested and being worried about D's health as she worked and I'm glad that I am finally getting the money I've paid in all my working life.



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Becky said...

Got my Scotsman on the phone, so just checking to see if I can log in and post a comment.

He has set the comments so that we have to sign in with our Google account information so you won't get any spammers from signing in as annonymous.

Der Bill says hi and congrats on getting your disability approved finally.

Love you both, Becks ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

OK, so he change back so all can comment, even anonymous, so if you get a jerk, you should be able to just delete that comment.

So tell all that the comments are now open to all.

Love ya, Der Bill and Becks

Bill Craig said...

Can't I just delete the jerk? HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks, Bill, for doing this for me and for the good wishes, both of you!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your SSDI approval, Bill. Hopefully things will start looking up for you both from this point onwards.

Borislav Jhakov

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's great news. You should soon be able to put this whole horrible episode of your life behind you and quickly forget all about it ;-)

Pradeep Havsinder Singh

peacesojourner said...

That is good news! And retroactive is even better news :-) Worrying about money can really drag a person down.
BTW - loved the audio on this one :-)

Bill Craig said...

Re: "Still Crazy.....". Every time I play that song I think, "that man's been reading my e-mail!" :)

Re: My friend Peacesojourner. Lisa, I am so glad you're okay over there in New Zealand. I'm all over that thread on the Dope wondering if anyone had heard from you, and was waiting up all night to see if you'd sign on. But then someone told me, "Bill, Icewolf (Lisa's nickname on The Dope) lives about 450 miles away. She's fine!"

I am so sorry for the many who died and the many who are still being sought, but I am happy my friend is okay!


Bill Craig said...

With a name like Jhakov, I'd have to ask myself if you're for real, Borislav. The IP tracker should have that info.

But thanks anyway.