Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WE Domesticated THEM.......

...... which makes us responsible"

Y'all know that's my quote, right?

"WE domesticated THEM, which makes US responsible".

Well, I got curious about when we first began domesticating our animal friends, and what a surprise I got when I googled the question.

Here's the link to the site:


Or you can click on the subject line above to read........

Holy cow! (so to speak) We domesticated the dog THAT early?????

And what, we've been abusing them that long????

I don't know how much earthly time is left to me, but if I were to die in the next few minutes and were, in the last few moments granted a final wish, it would be this: "Take care of them and treasure them always, for they have helped you feed your families and give you happiness as pets, and how many of us two-leggers can give that on a constant basis?"

Day of my hearing's getting closer and it can't come too soon for me, lemme tell ya. For the past two years,in addition to all the symptoms, it's been living from paycheck to paycheck and barely making it. No job, a bankruptcy and living in a postage-stamp size place. Buying my clothes at a consignment shop and eating as cheaply as possible. There were times when I considered myself the proverbial "dead man walking". Hadn't been for my friends on The Straight Dope, I'd have been the "dead man pushin' up daisies" a long time ago.

Here's a song someone made up and put to some animation. Enjoy and don't forget to click to feed the animals. If you're new to the blog, all you have to do is click on the button below and it will take you to the animal rescue site which when you click there will provide 1/2 a bowl of food to an animal. Please do it every day, thanks

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