Monday, January 31, 2011

Making This Blog Private

Unfortunately it has come to pass that this blog has picked up an idiot who has decided he needs to harrass me.

It is for this reason I am considering making the blog private.

So if you sign onto WTB? and see a prompt for your e-mail address, that's why.

No other reason, and I'll ask my co-administrator BillDL to give me his input regarding this decision.

Till then we'll leave things as they are.




Mad Bush Farm said...

Bill i rarely comment but I do read your blog. That is so sad that some person with no life is doing that to you. Blog Trolls suck big time.

Hang in there and stay strong

Timespanner said...

Same from me, Bill. Pity you have to go through hoops just over some ratbag who has to have his jollies annoying you.

Take care, my friend.


peacesojourner said...

Good morning Bill - I haven't checked in for a while due to being preoccupied with house problems - 6 frozen pipes in the roof and two rooms downstairs flooded - now have water soaked walls/carpets/floors - you get the point :-)
Anyway, sorry to hear that you are getting 'stupid' mail from someone. Rest assured that you have cyber friends who truly care how you are doing and wish you well. Include me in that group.
Peace. Lesley

Margaret said...

Phew, I'm glad everything is ok, sort of. Keeping it private is a good idea.

For some reason, though I got a prompt for my email address, it was not "recognized", so I must have done something wrong.

Take care!