Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Are You Gay?"

I was asked this over my voice mail a few days ago and had been meaning to write about it, so here it is and here's my answer: "No, I'm not." (as you well know) But neither am I a homophobe and I have worked with and do have friends who are, so I guess that makes me gay by association in your eyes?

This is one example of a small, narrow and shallow mind and I found it so hilarious that I kept it on my computer as an mp3 file.

Perhaps (!)a good retort might be, "Are you a redneck?", and maybe the answer to that one might be, "Hell yeah, and I'm proud to be one!"

Well, so is that person who is gay and so am I - to be his or her friend.

Enough said about that. I only mentioned it here because I found it so humorous.


In other late news, we have a new member of the family. His name is Nikolas (because he joined us around Christmas time) and we call him Nikki for short.

What's so special about this kitty is that when we found him in the back yard, he had a very large open would on the right side of his face.

There's no way we were going to leave him that way, so our family decided to get him taken care of.

That in itself is not significant. What is significant is that it was a joint family effort.

First my niece Deidre took care of the financial aspect of his veterinary care, then Dondra and I made sure he got his daily antibiotics, food, water, and TLC. My sister in law Ramona provided shelter and more TLC, and now he's fully recovered and makes his home here. Since he's an "outside" cat we leave the side door to the garage open so he can come inside the garage to keep warm. And yes, he's got his own pet bed and Ramona even hooked up a little heater for him. Can you say "spoiled"?

I suppose one could say he's a Christmas present we gave ourselves. Here he is with the wound (you can't see all of it) still open:

That's it for now. We're expecting more snow next week, but hopefully not as much as we got a week and a half ago. Stay warm (or cool - those of you in the southern hemisphere) and don't forget to feed to click. Just click on the button below the songs.

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Timespanner said...

I'm glad that your Nikolas has found such a loving and caring home, Bill.

Such strange folks that leave voice mail messages like that, eh?

Bill Craig said...

Yep. Several other things were said, all of which were saved, but it takes all kinds of people to make the world go around, I reckon.

You know, animals deal with pain a lot better than we humans do. They just take the wound, but keep right on going.

We need to be more like that, I think

Thanks for your note and I hope you're keeping well, my favorite Kiwi! :)

Timespanner said...

You're right regarding cats' resilience. I've seen a lot that have been hurt but keep right on tickin'. But they're still hurt, and when you love 'em, their pain can be yours.

I'm fine, just coping with Mother Nature's sub-tropical hissy fits. Good to hear from you again!

Alan Duke said...

Hey Bill, I just stumbled across your blog. First, let me say that you are a brave man and a very good writer. I often think back to those fun days in Carrollton radio. Take care, Alan Duke

Bill Craig said...

Hi Alan, sorry for the late response, but we were on a short vacation and only just returned. Thanks for the kind words, and I wish you much continued success in your career with CNN. Bill