Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some "End Of The Year" Thoughts

Whew! Another year almost "in the can", and in 17 days I'll be another year older ("and deeper in debt" for sure!), and that's scary as hell to me.

See, I have a fear of death that is almost pathological in nature.

Physical health for a 60 year old guy: Not bad, I reckon. Still walking and so far no symptoms of anything serious.

Mental health: Well, that's a whole 'nother story, innit?

Been doing my best to keep perspective on that, though at times I've caught myself doing and saying goofy shit, hallucinated at least once and lord at the times I've forgotten stuff which was said to me just minutes ago!

My "saving grace" this year has been the ride for the animals (gave me something to do) and my continued friendship with BillDL and Becks. I tell you, there were times this past year when I could have gone completely batshit had it not been for those two.

Speaking of the animals and their welfare: The "war" between the authorities and animal welfare advocates/activists continues and instead of getting better, it's getting worse. Accusations are flying right and left on both sides, and I have to say it is very disheartening to realize that my 800 miles on the bike were for naught.

I had hoped to further the cause of "No Kill America", bring together the two factions and let them sit down and air their differences and come to some kind of "cease fire", but alas, it was not to be. Local internet "bulletin" boards and newspapers are full of vitriol and only the animals are suffering because of it.

For the sake of my sanity, I have decided no longer to ally myself with any organization, but will take my concern and love for the unwanted animals to the written word until such time as I see the two (maybe 3 - the No Kill folks seem to be going after the Humane Societies as well as the animal control authorities now!) sides lay down their "weapons" and find some common ground. The differences need to be aired in public meetings and not in the local media or internet. I have long advocated "town hall meetings", but they have been few and far between.

As I stated elsewhere, I believe at this time it is best that animal welfare and care be a personal goal by those of us who love them. One does not need to "belong" to a certain organization to promote this! Set your own examples, by adopting and then spaying/neutering your new friend.

Long story short: I am no longer willing to "take sides".

So what else?

As already mentioned, I plan to get at least one more marathon under my belt, so the training continues for next November when I'll be dedicating every mile to Alzheimer's research.

The disability hearing is coming up in February, and the "legal eagles" (I hope) are getting their "ducks in a row". I myself have been filling out paperwork, asking for medical records (this is stuff I think they should be doing, btw) and just generally "prepping" myself by writing down everything that's going on with me as it relates to my dementia.

No resolutions. I'm all "resolved out".

My friendship with my 2 "geographically challenged" friends will continue, of course, as will jotting down bits and pieces of my life which I jokingly refer to as my "memoirs".

At one time I flirted with flying lessons and I wish I could get back to skydiving, but who wants to fly with a pilot who may forget what this or that gauge is for, and D doesn't think I'll remember to pull the cord once I jump out of that "perfectly good airplane"!

That's all I can think of to write except to thank you for taking the time to read my drivel from time to time, for clicking on the "click to feed" buttons and for suffering through the music I include from time to time!

Happy holidays to you and your loved ones und einen guten Rutsch ins neues Jahr!



The Animal Rescue Site


Margaret said...

It sounds as though things are slowly falling into place for you, Bill, and may the New Year be very good to you and D.
Hugs to you both,

Bill Craig said...

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts, Margarete (IS there an "e" at the end? I never knew that), and best wishes to you and yours as well!


Margaret said...

Nope, the "e" was a slip of the keyboard. Oops.

Marty said...

Bill, as for flying lessons, just do it! Make whatever modifications you need. Before you solo for real, do a mock solo with the instructor in the back seat... take a recorder with you and talk your way through the take-off and landing and replay them whenever you fly (always and forever). Bet you'll be a far safer pilot than the "normal" kind!

Bill Craig said...

Hi Marty

Before starting this reply, I clicked on your name which took me to your very fine site.

I thank you for your vote of confidence regarding my flying training, but I don't think it's gonna, uh, "fly".

First of all, who's going to let me take their airplane up for me to solo, knowing I have this dementia?

Yeah, I *know* the plane would be insured, but what if I make a deadly mistake, fly that thing into the ground and the guy files a claim? I think they'd laugh him out of their offices. "You let a demented guy fly your plane????"

Then there's me: what insurance company would cover *me*?

Back to that "deadly mistake": What if I "zone out" up there and go crashing into someone's home taking them with me to start pushing up daisies?

Not to mention the aircraft owner and the tremendous GUILT he or she would suffer were I or others were to be killed?

No. I took my "discovery flight", and I think that even *then* this crap was going on. So that one flight will have to be it.

Thanks for thinking of me, however, and I'll be checking out your site more often now that I know it exists.

best regards