Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stage Fright, ME?????

Yes, me.

Me who used to be in radio, played in a hundred rock groups, acted onstage and was Mr. Cool and "Swayve" with his patients....... has stage fright.

As preparations slowly wind down and the days of my ride begin to loom closer, the publicity for C2C R2C is beginning to intensify and in a little better than 8 hours I'll be interviewed about why I'm going to ride my bicycle 800 miles in the blazing hot sun.

The program is called "Animal Wise Radio" ( and concerns itself with animal welfare and "No Kill Nation" as well as spay, neuter and adopt.

It's on from 2:15pm till 2:30 pm EDT at the above link if you'd like to listen in at the above link. It's also going to be archived and the website is very easily navigated, so finding the "archive" button won't be very hard at all, as it is right on the front page.

I'd also appreciate your visiting the C2C R2C website at . Take a look at BillDL's web-wizardry (he's constantly working and improving!) and please sign my guestbook if you have time.

The Animal Rescue Site




Anonymous said...

Hey darlin, was listening in on your interview and thought you did a great job for the little time you were given to state your purpose, and get out the necessary important information to draw attention to the ride, the website, ways to donate including accommodation still needed along your route.

^5's and thumbs up and there will alwals be the next time to improve on getting the "stage fright" under control.

You better be out there peddlin and trainin or do I have to get out that whip?

Love you both, Becks ♥ ♥ ♥

Hee Hee, word verification is peptlk, what a co-inkydinkey

Anonymous said...

OH yeah, the song Send In The Clowns has been one of my theme songs for many years and hey the world needs more clowns right? Well maybe next year, eh?

My motto, "Life, Ya Just Gotta Laugh"


Bill Craig said...

Hey Little One

Thanks for believing in me and for being my coach both for the ride and within this stupid life.

You and BillDL are very precious to me.


Bill Craig said...

I only got 6 MINUTES, Becks!!!!! I had so much more to say about you DEB and just everything y'all have done for me, but they only gave me SIX MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!