Saturday, August 7, 2010

Haven't Forgotten Y'all!


Just checkin' in to let you know all is well - now.

Dondra had a very close call with death a couple of weeks ago when one of her intestines perforated and fluid leaked into her abdomen.

I took her to ER and they quickly shipped her to Altanta Medical Center where 5 years ago she'd had a gastric bypass.

What happened was she developed gout and her primary care physician put her on an inflammatory medication - a huge no-no for anyone who's had that kind of surgery.

Luckily the surgeon who did the bypass was on that day and, after making 5 laprascopic incisions, managed to get the intestine repaired.

Wednesday I took her back to her doc and he removed the drain and she continues to recuperate and promises to be ready to navigate the C2C ride next month. Meantime, guess who's "Mr. Mom"?

Yup, the time is getting closer and if you haven't already, please go to the website ( and write something in the guestbook to cheer me on - I'd appreciate it. You can also keep up with me on the ride itself by choosing the multi-media page and clicking on the second icon and then clicking on whatever you use to hear stuff on your computer. You will hear me talking to you and reporting how the ride is going/went on anty particular day - maybe even from atop the bicycle!

Here's one of the rides "signature tunes". It's the theme from the tv show "King of The Hill". Enjoy and remember to clock to feed the critters!



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