Friday, July 9, 2010

GREAT NEWS! My SSDI Hearing Has Been Scheduled......

...... in about 475 days.

No that isn't a typo up there.

I got a letter from my lawyers (Binder&Binder) this week and that's what it said.

I googled it, and it appears there's such a backlog, that's the average time to get to anyone's case from the time it's requested.

He (Charles Binder or one of his lackeys) did say that there's the remote possibility of a video hearing with a judge who may not be busy doing something else, but for me not to count on it.

Oh well, at least now I don't have to worry that they'll schedule the hearing to interfere with the ride.

No, you're right: It IS totally unrelated to the subject!

Don't forget to feed the critters!

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Margaret said...

Glad that it doesn't interfere with the ride, but still... that's awfully long.

The meanders of bureaucracies are worse than Kafkaesque.

Good luck, dear friend, and my best to your lovely D.


Anonymous said...

Well this is sure a prime example of good news bad news.

As I've said before according to news in the Alzheimer's forum, if and when you get a final dianosis, there is a stipulation to fast tract SSDI for that diagnosis.

So when your ride for the critters is finished with success, you can get back to working on that.

Still got your back and cheering you on or maybe whipping you on, lol