Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Saw My New Doc Today!

And if it hadn't been for my sweet friend Becks, that would have never happened.

See, it was Becky who, a few months back found me this clinic which treats patients who have no insurance and charges them a sliding scale fee (click on the subject line to take you to their site).

My new doc (a very nice "Doogie Howser" type who D says "looks like he belongs on a skateboard") did a very thorough examination with lots of blood work drawn, wrote scrips for all my meds (including the depression ones), and I was only charged 25% of what the whole thing would have cost me had I not been on a sliding scale!

He even did a prostate exam (with blood - not with the finger up the "poop-chute"!) and checked my vitamin D level (for the bones and arthritis).

All in all, a very thorough exam, a very nice doc and a sweet friend who found him for me.

Oh yeah, speaking of the "poop chute":

I mean, that is what he's singing, right - "Don't take it up the poop chute?" *wink*

A sweet friend whom I have never met, and who is VERY special to me - someone who would think so much of someone they've never laid eyes on, made sure I got some great medical care!

Thank you, Becky for being such an angel! I LOVE YA'!

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Anonymous said...

aw shucks, wurnt nothin darlin and you're well worth the time it took me to type sliding scale clinic's in Carollton county to find your health center. I'm so glad it worked out for you and you're on the road to getting your medical issues under control as much as you can.

I want you to be in the best health possible for big ride in September.

Although I appreciate your gratitude, my reward will be you crossing that finish line and collecting donations for the critters.

Stay strong and focused on that goal to finish what great thing you've planned to do.

I'm darn proud of you

Luv you and D much, Becks

word verification of the day yousa, lol

Beth said...

Glad it went well hon and Thank you, Becky! *squoozly hugs for you both*

Bill Craig said...

Thanks, you two. I wanted to also thank y'all for the support of the ride. It's been really tough not getting the help I need with publicity (other than BillD's, Tina's facebook entries, Suzette's article and what's on the sites.

I need to train - NOT be working on logistics. I'm not riding as far or as much as I should be and the worry is really gettin' me down.

Gonna do 25 miles today, though! I WILL be READY!