Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pot Pourri Day!

As y'all know, this type of entry is just "anything about anything", so here goes:

Anyone remember Rich Hall and his "sniglets" (words which should be in the dictionary, but aren't)?

Here's my all-time favorite:

Expresshole-n. A person who goes through the grocery store's 12-item express lane with 22 items.

Do you have a favorite? Let the rest of us know (hint: do a google search on "sniglets")!

My best friend I ain't never met, Johnny L.A. from The Straight Dope will every now and then send me a YouTube or other clip he thinks is appropriate for "The German Boy", and here's one more: (Y'all have read my references to me being a "happy boy" if so and so were to occur? Well, John found a song with just that title!)

Click on the title of this entry and please give it a few moments to start once you click on the arrow....

Good things still happening for C2CR2C! My Scots friend Bill is still at the helm of the website (take a look at and we're having all kinds of wonderful friends and sponsors joining the ride! I'm not much on religion, but man! I swear someone's looking out for us and the four-footed ones!

Speaking of which (y'all know the drill, right?)

The Animal Rescue Site



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