Monday, June 7, 2010

"I Went Sky Divin'....."

.....but I can't anymore, 'cause D won't let me. (She thinks that because of my short-term memory loss, I might forget to pull and go splat all over the DZ!)

But I still wear my t-shirt which reads "Jumps from perfectly good airplanes" and recently I got something in the mail from Kevin Burkart who's going to do 200 perfect jumps (click on the title to check out his site) in one day to benefit and call attention to Parkinson's (which his dad has, and which I also am getting).

SOMEBODY'S gonna be busy packing 'chutes!

Here's my newest rock group which I love (thanks, Johnny L.A., for the vid) AFTER Here Come The Mummies.

Please don't forget the fur-babies?

The Animal Rescue Site



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