Monday, June 14, 2010

Gonna Be "Out of Pocket" For A While......

...... but NOT gone completely, okay?

I got a "pep talk" from "Coach Becks" a few days ago ....

.... and she told me that if I'm going to cross that finish line I had better get crackin'!

I agree. I've been spending way too much time on organization, sponsorship and just plain WORRY, that it's affecting my training, and we can't have that happen.

So what I'm going to need to do is cut out all extraneous things in my life and concentrate SOLELY on the ride. It's GOT to be that way, or else it's going to fail and as the saying goes, "Failure is NOT an option!"

There's another saying/motto which goes like this:

"We will do what we say we will do

We won't commit to something we cannot do

Once we commit to it we WILL do it"

My friend BillDL is not only the co-administrator of this blog, he's been working daily on the c2cr2c website which you can visit (please do by clicking the blue subject line above or the link to the left), but he's been very active as the ride's publicist; what you read on the c2c website is what he has crafted from what he knows about me. He is the most articulate man I've never met. He also works a full-time job. I don't work a full-time job. I don't work at all.

I wrote the above to say that if this guy can spend so much time for someone who he's never met except on the web, who am I to give any less than my best for the animals whose lives we want to save?

So we're going to leave this blog site "open", not "suspended" as I stupidly did before. You can follow me and my ride on, and I'll be back here when I can.

The Animal Rescue Site

Thanks, love you guys!



Anonymous said...

Yep coach Becks crackin that whip to get ya movin.

So put your feet to the pedals and get trainin.

Don't make me use the whip on ya, lol

Luvs ya

Anonymous said...

Cute, Bill. ReeeeaaaaalllY cute!


Bill C

Beth said...

Becks -- He might like that *LOL*
seriously, Best of luck honey, I'm rootin for ya!

Bill Craig said...


One way to keep up with me is on the C2CR2C website ( or I can put you on the weekend wrap-up e-mail list. Let me know and thanks for the good wishes.


Anonymous said...

OK, another try from here.

Still waiting for that call from you as to how you are and what has happened in the last couple of days that has upset you so.

Please call and talk to me about this.

Luv ya much, Becks