Monday, February 8, 2010

There's More Than ONE Kind of Tub, Bill!

People have always told me I have no "common sense".

I don't take offense at this, because for the most part, I agree with them.

What I do (or did) have, is a knack for having ideas and problem-solving.

I accomplish this by looking at what needs to be done and then methodically applying the solution (s) until there's no longer a problem.

Granted, I have never been good at doing this at a "split-second's" notice, but given enough time to do some research/detective work, I can usually come through.

Lately, though, I have noticed a kind of "barrier", which is slowing me down a little.

For example, last night D and I were talking about washing clothes and she was telling me about a new type of fabric softener "bar" (not sheet or liquid) which attaches to the side of the tub, and softens the clothes that way.

For some reason ("reason", get it?) my mind locked onto the word "tub", and I kept "seeing" a bathtub, and that wasn't making any sense to me, so I said as much.

D explained that the thing which goes round and round in the dryer is also called a tub, and then the penny dropped.

I knew that.

I once knew that, just like the washing machine thing is called a tub.

Met an old classmate of mine in the drugstore the other day and we discussed his Dad's Alzheimer's and he told me some of the things he'd had to help him with, memory-wise.

That got me to thinking about the tv remote control.

We've all misplaced it, right?

So what would be a possible solution to never losing it again?

When called away for whatever reason, always put the damn thing in the same place, right?

But what if you forget where that "same place" is?

That's an example of what my day is like and I use this when people tell me, "Well I do that!"

Sometimes it helps, other times I just get that vacant stare.

Dimebon----- Click on the title of this blog entry to read about the newest hope for Alzheimer's Related Dementia. Don't we all wish we lived in Europe? They seem to have it all over us when it comes to marketing a drug that just might help to arrest the disease if not cure it completely.

"In the next decade".

Health Care Reform? "In the next decade".

As I wrote in the alzheimer' forum, I think our country's government is being flown by the seats of our leaders' pants.

I don't think they have a clue, and what's happening is we're running around placing buckets where the rain gets in, but not fixing the roof.

Do you know about "ambient music"? A short definition is that it's music you can choose to listen to, or not. It's just there. This piece, "Music for Airports", is a great introduction to ambient music, and it's a cd I play to relax with.

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Anonymous said...

DAB, there is a long ongoing thread on the forum about Dimebon here:

These are the studies that are currently recruiting for the Dimebon trials:

Check to see which are recruiting in your area, and what the inclusion and exclusion criteria are for each.

Have you checked with your doctors to see if their are any trials going on for this in your area?

Are there any trials for anything going on in your area?

Love and best wishes to you and D, Becks

Beth said...

Hey Sweetie!
Glad to see you posting again.. A very thought provoking post.