Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Miss me?

I'm baaaa-aaaaack!

Read by clicking the TITLE line above:

And y'all prolly need to listen to this replay of one of my favorite all-time SONGS!

I spent a little time on "The Green Mile", but I'm back for the holidays, so here's THIS!


It's okay to close your little eyes and rock back and forth, if y'all wanna.....

Thanks and don't forget the four-footers!

The Animal Rescue Site

For the animals always



Margaret said...

Just glad you're back safely and feeling better.

I hope this Obama health plan works for you.

Have a happy Christmas and Holidays filled with joy.

Hugs to you both, scritches to the kitty.


Margaret said...

Bill, for the last few days, voting has been over. Winners of the contest are on the website today.

Bill Craig said...

Hi Margaret and Happy Holidays!

I knew the voting ended the 20th, of course, but we still need to click to feed, if not vote.