Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time For Some Pot Pourri?

1. As I write, it is 7:45 Saturday morning, and I just returned from the local Angel Food Ministries with my box of 10 frozen dinners. Loaded 'em into the freezer and now I'm set for at least 10 days of good eatin'.

Before I went in, I zipped my hoodie up, put the top over my head and put on my mirror shades and kept my head down. Kinda like a burka, only different.

Y'all do believe that, right?

Of course I didn't do that!

You think a guy who just asked hundreds of people to help him with his financial life is gonna balk at picking up some cheap food? Ya' kiddin' me?

I even helped 'em unload and stayed to help distribute!

It's been tough, letting go of the pride, but you gotta believe you'll come back and do some good for someone else again one day.

2. I have yet another sleep study scheduled on 11.23.09. Apparently the results of study number one were inconclusive, although D, (who is herself a polysomnographer, which is a fancy term for someone who puts wires all over your head and then wants you to sleep like that while she sits and watches you on a monitor from her computer room with all the paper and needles scribbling on it) felt like it SHOULD have been and I should already been on a have a CPAP/BIPAP.

There aren't a lot of men in that field, which led me to ask her if she or her colleagues ever watch to see what we do or say while asleep?

Which led to one of those "roll-eyed" looks and a slap on the butt.

She knows how I am.

And loves me for it.

I think.

3. As we're heading into the holidays, I wanted to kick off the "festive mood" with a picture of Murphy with his human, Suzette. As you can tell, as with all cool dogs, Murph is just thrilled as he can be to be all "decked out"!

4. Here's a new look at Wolkenlaufer and his mount Silka as they are presently depicted in World of Warcraft:

Wolkie and Silka are currently on a quest to find Pamela Redpath's "dolly". The story goes is that she lost it somewhere in Darrowshire and needs it to be found. So far we've managed to find two pieces of it and are looking for a third, so that we can put it back together and bring it back to the little girl.

Now, I realize that many of you may not be into RPG ("Role Playing Games"), but for me, it takes a lot of the depression away and for many millions of us, it's a world we can go to to get away from this one for a while.

Some of us are so into it that songs are actually written about the land of Azeroth, and this is one example. It's exactly about the quest I told you about in a previous paragraph. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks to my pal Mister Rik for the link:

5. Update on the SSDI app: There IS no update, unless you count the third phone call from SSDI asking for an updated mailing address as one. Hoping to hear something soon.

6. Update on the Podcast: Just waiting to go to my storage cubicle to pick up my microphone and buy a cheap desk stand for it, and then we'll launch. (Hopefully by the end of the week)

7. As Margaret wrote in the comments section (and which I answered) Paulding Humane dropped to 14th place in the state in the Shelter Challenge standings. I can only keep asking y'all to click to feed and vote, call a friend and ask them to do the same and so on. Take my word for it, the animals will go needy this holiday season as they do all year, so please help if you can. December 20th ends this one.

The Animal Rescue Site

8. I'm gonna need some help with Christmas this year. The holidays have never been a good time for me, but this time REALLY needs to be better. In keeping with that, I'm gonna link y'all to some German Christmas music starting next week. I know that not all of you will know what is being sung, but hopefully the meaning will come through anyway.

9. Good news! We've picked up one more follower (31 now!) and Paulding Humane and Alzheimer's Research are within 20 bucks of getting a $50.00 check this Christmas! Whooo-Hooo!



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