Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Podcast Coming!

Don't know exactly when it will air yet (still working out the details about downloading all the software and stuff), but in addition to talking about Alzheimer's/Dementia, there will be appropriate music in between.

I used to be a DJ/talk show host/news director, so I know how to jabber. I just need to keep it interesting.

Length? Don't know yet, maybe 20 minutes? Can y'all stand me for that long?

Times? Well, I'll let y'all be in charge of that since you can listen any time you wish. If you choose to book-mark me, that may make it easier for you as well.

The blog will remain and I hope to be able to embed the podcast from here. The only problem with that may be if I have a sponsor or sponsors for my show, which means they will foot the bill (very nominal), and I don't know how google will take to that idea. An alternative would be to launch directly from which ever podcast platform I choose and link y'all from there.

In other news, looks like Bill Clinton is hot on the Senate to pass the Health Care Reform Bill, so I am hoping they'll do that before the end of the year. Sure would be a nice birthday present not to have to worry about the almost tripling of my insurance premiums.

That's it for now. As I have written before "good days and bad days". Today was a good one due to the podcast idea, which, incidentally, came from Becks whose Bill (DEB - German for "Der Erste Bill" - "the first Bill" also has a radio show and you can access it by clicking on the title line of this entry. he has other dj's on as well, so you may not hear "djsarg" right away, but you have heard his own music here before, so I'm sure you'll find it entertaining.

Just go to the site, at the top click on LISTEN and then OPEN and your player should pop up.

Just a reminder, Bill is in Scotland, so be prepared for that accent!

Y'all know the drill, right? :)

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