Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Okay, Stay With Me On This One (Clarification Of Earlier Entry)

Just got a message from Becks, and apparently I kinda got my "wires crossed" about DEB (Bill from Scotland), so try to follow along as I try to get myself out of this "mess", okay?

1. Yes, he is Becks' guy and he lives in Scotland and among other things, is a guitarist/singer.

2. But he doesn't have an internet radio station, another guy from the US does and goes by the name "djsarg".

3. Because I put two and two together and came up with 5, I mistakenly thought Bill had AD, which he does not. djsarg, however, does and posts on the Alzheimer's forum about his radio station on the web. Becks helped him post on the AD forum a couple of times, just as she has helped me with my probs.

4. Bill from Scotland also helped me (through e-mails) find sarg's station, which is another thing that threw me off the track.

5. Jesus, what a cluster-eff, huh? But that's my life these days.

6. My apologies for the misinformation, but the stuff about my podcast is all correct information.

7. The YouTube "In A Big Country" is for Bill from Scotland.

Again, sorry to all concerned.

As y'all was! (That's southern for "As you were!")

Bill (DAB) from "Somewhere Out There" - apparently.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for all the confusion I caused you about all of this, but you got it right now.

djsarg has his own radio station set up on the website. There are several dj's that come on at certain times. When there is no dj, he creates a playlist that plays without a dj continuously, except when it is shutdown for rebooting, maintenance or changing themes.

It is shutdown right now because I think djsarg is having some medical problems and may be going or has already gone into the hospital for evaluation for aid from the Veterans. He doesn't know how much longer his mind will let him do this, and sometimes gets confused when on air himself, but wishes to continue as long as he can. So if it or he has problems, it doesn't always go so smooth.

I bring up the station when I'm sitting at my pc, minimize the player window and listen to the music in the backgound.

The thing I like about it is, he plays all different types of music, really old at times and new, also funny stuff at times.

Hope this helped to explain all this a bit better and as djsarg always says:



Bill Craig said...


YOU didn't cause the confusion! I did that all on my own, so no apologies from YOU, okay?


Beth said...

Hey sweetie, Sorry i haven't checked in with you for awhile. but I have no 'Net at my house atm *HUGS* hope you're doing oki.

Bill Craig said...


Ain't nuttin' but a THANG, Momma! LOL! :)

I KNOW you're out there (somewhere), and thanks for checking in every now and then and thanks for caring!

Love ya!


Margaret said...

I've been dropping by every day, and have kept voting once or twice a day for the pets. It's a bit discouraging to see Paulding slip to number 14.

Your internet radio project is cool, I'm looking forward to that.

Hugs to D and you, Bill,


Anonymous said...

Just to let y'all know the radio station is up and running at the moment, but with no live dj.

Playing some good oldies but goodies music right now.

Take care, luv ya, Becks

Bill Craig said...

Hey Margaret and Becks et. al

Margaret, yes it is unfortunate that every day, in the US, thousands of animals are turned in to shelters only to be euthanized when no homes can be found for them.

Recently, I was in one of doctors' offices when a Humane Society public service ad came on the television, and one of the waiting patients was heard to say, "Oh my God! SOMEBODY turn the channel!"

THAT person got one of my patented stares, and I held it till he dropped his eyes.

Nothing even needed to be said.

Sad, huh?

Thanmks for the link to the station Becks!

Best to Bill.