Thursday, November 26, 2009

Need Y'all's Opinions and Help On Something

My niece Lisa (I've spoken of her before- the stage manager at 7 Stages in Atlanta?)and I spoke together today at TG Dinner and I mentioned that I missed acting, but was reluctant to try out for anything produced in community theatre because I'm afraid I might forget my lines.

So she suggested I write my own play about Dementia and perhaps have it produced at 7 Stages with all proceeds going to AD Research.

It would be one act for one night only and I already have a "working title" for it:
7 Stages Theatre Presents
I Can't Remember!
A Comedy In One ACT
All Proceeds To Benefit Alzheimer's Research
Featuring Bill Craig

Before you give me your opinion, I have already begun to write a few lines, and it is not my first effort at writing a short play. I once (in college) wrote the dialogue for a 20 minute film entitled I'll Show You Mine shot in 16mm as a silent film with the lines written on placards (I was on a "Low Budget" back then, too.) I know: a bit sophomoric right? But I was a Sophomore at the time!

Yeah, it was porn, but it was "soft porn". It starred me as "Rick Dickulous" and a theatre student (I ain't givin' out her name, sorry!) as "Vulveeta".

That damn thing quickly made the rounds of all the frat houses and almost got me thrown out, but the student council ruled that that would be censorship and called it an "art film". Yeah, right.

So anywayyyyyy what do y'all think of the title and do you have a better suggestion? I'll choose the best one and there won't be a "prize", just braggin rights that you named my play if it's a hit. Ha-Ha.

My son actually came up with that title as a "Who's On First" kinda thing.

"I'm going to a play tonight."

"Oh yeah? What's it called?"

"I Can't Remember"

"Huh? You're going to a play and you don't even know it's name?!"

"I'm telling you, I Can't Remember!"

And so on.....

Another thing: I'm not real comfortable with that word "Comedy" up there. Yeah, I'd like to reflect my sense of humor, but I need for it to be "educational" in a sense, too. "Comedy-Drama", maybe. Whatcha'll think?

Also, I know there's already a play about AD (My Father's Bookshelf), but this is about Dementia and about a guy who's headed down the "road" to AD.

My theory on all this is: If I act in someone else's play I might flub my lines, but if I write it myself then I'll aready be familiar with it because it's my "baby", so to speak.

So please give me your opinions and don't be afraid you'll hurt my feelings, okay?

Okay, now on to other things: Something very near and dear to my heart: Animals/Pets.

Some of my buds on SDMB are contributing some well thought-out ideas regarding older, very sick animals needing Euthanasia. The entire thread is very articulate and I'd like to share it with you. Just click on the blog title and it will take you to the thread.

So I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving, and you're probably ready for a nap, right?

Now we have the "Hoopla" of Christmas facing us. We'll get through it! I've decided not to "bombard" you guys with Christmas carols - maybe just one a week or so? Would that be okay? Just nod your heads, you're probably still "recovering" from today's consumption! :)

So here's Ol' Blue Eyes, from my friend Mogipbot. See anything interesting in that video? I didn't see it the first time either! :)

Remember: WE domesticated THEM.

Ya know, I just googled that phrase to see if it needed quotation marks around it, and couldn't find where someone had said just that phrase, so if anyone knows different, let me know, because if it's someone else's saying, they need to be credited.




Marty said...

PLEASE do this, Bill! The title doesn't matter. It works for me, tho.

Bill Craig said...


FINALLY, someone "chimes in!"

Thanks, MARTY.

Now I just need to figure out WHICH one of my 32 followers you are. :)

Excuse me forgetting!

But thanks for the vote of confidence!

As I said, I already have a few lines of dialogue written, stage direction shouldn't be a problem, although I wouldn't want to direct myself - myself

I would just rather write it and give it over to an accomplished director who'd be willing to do it for the kudos.

To that end, I expect this to be a work in progress for at least a year.

Let's hope I can hold on to my mind for that long! HA!

Thanks again!

Also (again), please remember that "I Can't Remember" is a WORKING title only!

It would give me a great deal of pleasure to use something one or more of you come up with and we all agree on.

We have, after all, been in this thing together for more than a year now.