Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Memory Walk Totals Update

This below is from my dementia counsellor Suzette: I know it seems very self-centered, but I just didn't ever "feel" like participating and I am sorry about that, but I still do have my own fund-raising effort going on. When I get $100.00, $50.00 goes to the animals and $50.00 to Alzheimer's/Dementia Research. We're currently 75% of the way there! Maybe one day, I will once again be in a position to do more. I sure want to.

Edited To Add: I just wanted to let Suzette know that both D and I appreciate her being a constant source of comfort to us with phone calls e-mails and very informative links. This is also true for my friends Becks, Margaret, Skericheri, Kemi, all my Doper friends and my friend in Germany, Jo (if I forgot someone, please know it wasn't intentional and correct me, okay?). I may sometimes forget to mention it, and seem wrapped up in what's going on with me, but I appreciate and love all of you for coming here and reading.


"The final totals are almost in from our Forget Me Nots Memory Walk team efforts….and I am proud to say that thus far we have raised $3,325! We close out the season on Nov. 15th, but Statewide, we have already actually exceeded our chapter’s goal for the year, which is fantastic considering that the economy is still struggling to recover. I will be sending out individual thank-you to everyone who sent their donations in through our office. If you know of anyone who donated directly on the website, I’ll be happy to send them a note as well if you let me know their addresses. Again, congratulations, and thank you so much for all of your efforts!"


The below YouTube is from both Becks and Suzette (sent at different times - great minds and all that!

The following YouTube is from "Becks" (very clever!)

And a cute image from Becks:

Still asking for your help in feeding the pets and voting for Paulding Humane in The Shelter Challenge.

The Animal Rescue Site

It ends 12.20.09 and sadly, Paulding remains in 13th place.

Thanks for your help and remember: we domesticated them.


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