Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How About Some Music For A Change?

And I just shut my pie hole?

Enjoy. These are some of the tunes I used to listen to, late at night, on my transistor radio (with ear-plug!)

(sorry, copy & paste, please!)

And one more.......

Tuesday's just as bad.

Worried about my D.

We can't seem to get her BP meds "regulated" just right, and her "bottom" just drops right out from under her sometimes, her face goes pale, and I cannot seem to do enough to make it go away.

PLEASE don't forget the four-footed ones????

In addition to asking you to click and vote, I am now going to ask you to volunteer your time at a local shelter.

Can y'all do that?

If not, could you just take 'em some food? Find a shelter in your area and just take a bag of food, please.

They HAVE no one else!

They have no one else.


Bill and Bert


Anonymous said...

Hey you two.

As always love music of most kinds. Thanks for posting it.

Oh life can be so darn complicated and frustrating. Sometimes it never seems to end. But it is what it is and we deal the best we can.

Glad you're getting your frozen food supply and that you were able to stay and help out. It always makes me feel better helping others as I can. We get a weekly delivery of frozen microwave meals, bread, milk, juice, fruit, margarine and other essentials for $50.00 a month or whatever we can contribute. It's too bad you can't get that there. It saves us a lot of money and I don't have to do a lot of cooking.

Is D's blood pressure high or low? If it is low, maybe she needs some extra Iron. My mom started passing out, and with much research and trial and error, I started giving her extra iron and she is much better now.

Anyway, my DEB, sent me this link. This guy is such a great guitarist and entertainer. So funny. Enjoy.

Take care, Becks and DEB

Bill Craig said...


It's BOTH, Hon. D has meds for both high and low BP.

Thnaks for the link (love the music!) and please tell DEB when his broken fingers heal, I'd appreciate an e-mail (even a very short one). ;)