Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gonna Be Busy For A While

In order to keep my RT license current, I need to work on some CEU's (need 30 by the end of the year), so I may not have a lot of time for entries here.

In addition, I'm involved in the translation of some post-WWII German correspondence for a friend of mine from the Dope, which I am very excited about, so that's going to take up some of my "slacker" time, which I sorely need.

Please keep on feeding and voting, thanks!

The Animal Rescue Site

Here's one for all my air-guitarist friends. You may wanna "toin" it up!




Anonymous said...

No worries DAB, we all need to take breaks from our usual routines and do other things. So when I don't comment here at times or communicate so much, it's cuz I'm having to do other things, or I'm feeling overwhelmed and up to my neck in alligators.

I'm so glad to hear you are going to keep up your license, that gives you hope that the doc's will figure this all out and you WILL be able to go back to one thing that you love to do.

Sometimes hope is all we feel we have left and sometimes hope rings true.

Just know that my thoughts and best wishes are with you and the lovely angel D.


Bill Craig said...

Thanks Becks,

Ya know, you and all the others are what has kept me going through this whole damn mess?

There is nothing, NOTHING, I can ever do that will repay all that kindness, but I will try.

If I EVER can go back to work, I will take the BEST care of my patients that I can, even if that means follow-up home care, doesn't matter.

I have missed them SO MUCH and I have missed being able to help make them feel better!

Maybe "Das Christkind" will put my job under my tree this Christmas.

Thanks, and keep the link to here, please?

I may not be "on" as much, but when I am. I'll have plenty to say, promise!

Beck's DAB and everyone else's


Margaret said...

All good news, Bill. It feels good to be working towards a goal, not just treading water, you know what I mean?
Take care, be well, my best to your D.

Bill Craig said...

I loves me my Becks and Mood!

And all the rest of ya' too!

Timespanner, et al.

God! The dementia is eating up my brain.

I'm tired, y'all.

I now know how old people feel when they need to "let go".

I'm sorry!

I TRY to get "excited" about stuff for my D, but I always seem to fall so short of the mark!

I'm wore out.