Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why In Der Frigg Can't I Catch A Break, Dude?

This afternoon I had an appointment with my Orthopaedist.

Well, lah-dee-frickin'-dah! When did that job description pick up an extra a????

So next week I have an appointment with my Daentist.

("Hey! Let's go with the Greek spelling and FVck 'em out of some more bucks, Biggus Dickus! Y'ont to????")

No, that's not what I'm Bastarding (got to give us guys equal time, Bitches! Juuuuuuust kidding, Honey!) about, y'all.

What's frosting my balls is the fact that today, my Orthopaeeeeeeedist decided I needed a "brace" for my ankle.

Not a cast, mind you; just a "brace" made of: Nylon, Velcro, a cotton "sock" (cut off a thing that looks like toilet paper), and a shoe string.

Now before I ask you what you think that "brace" cost me, just take a minute and look at the "ingredients" (Nylon, Velcro, Cotton, Shoe String)

One hundred and thirty nine dollars.


One-thirty nine.

Sounds really cheap when you put it in those terms, don't it?

Guess what?

How many times do you think that piece of shit brace has been marked up, and how much do you think the "ingredients" to make it, cost?

I don't have to paint you a picture, but I thought that bringing it down to its lowest "common denominator" (us) might make it more "real" for y'all.

This is what is happening! THIS is REALITY!


Yeah, we're living longer, thank you, but now what?

Don't know what to do with us, do ya?

Gonna sit back and watch with great interest how this whole frickin' thing winds up.

The little 4-footed ones were here before we were and will be here long after we're gone.

Please don't make 'em suffer and die through no fault of their own, and please never forget it was them who helped us survive and evolve?

Yeah, we had the "brains", but they have served us and sustained us and we pay them back by burning them and their young to death.

Way to go, Homo Sapiens!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Mr. Bill, seems you are having a combo of Good, Bad and ugly days. Not you being ugly without your makeup and all. You look very vulnerable and in need of a big hug and some TLC.

Hang in there and look for those bright spots in the day. Sometimes hard to see, but they are there.

We don't have any Angel Food Ministries in our area, but we have frozen food deliveries once a week. Wish we did, food looks pretty good. Is that $30.00 a week or what?

Take care, big hugs for both you and D. Becks

Bill Craig said...

Well, hell.

Becks, you know me well enough (as much as it is POSSIBLE to know someone from just what he writes!) to know that I DO have "good, bad and ugly days".

For some reason, the "bad day" posts seem to be the better written ones (IMHO. What do YOU think?) because when I'm pissed, I'm REALLLLLLY "focused"! LOL!

You raised an interesting question, Hon: Is the AFM shipment WEEKLY?

I thought it was for a whole MONTH, but now you have me wondering.

I don't pick up my first box till 11.14.09, so I don't know, but $28.00 (plus 2 dollars to order online) sounds VERY cheap if it's for a whole month, doesn't it?

It wasn't until I read your comment that I questioned it, so what does that tell you about my reasoning abilities?

I tried to call them earlier this evening and they DO have an interactive "phone FAQ", but THAT Q was not among the choices, so I'll check the net.

(Something ELSE I should have come up with on my own!)

Thanks, Becks!

Y'all are always "there" for me/us, aren't you?

I "*heart*" my friends!


Anonymous said...

You said in your comments below to Margaret that the 28 bucks was for a months supply, so that is probably correct. I pay once a month for our frozen food delivery once a week.

Sorry I caused you to worry.

Take care, luv ya both, Becks