Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So.... Y'all Had Enough Of Me Yet?

If not, there's more "juicy tid-bits" to come!


Because I promised it to my friend "Becks", here is how D and I met.......

After I did my "tour of duty" at Pine Knoll Nursing Home, I finally got "invited" to apply at Tanner Memorial Hospital!

My first area as an "orderly" was at "DESK ONE" (where D worked as a nurse).

Try as I might, I could NOT get a smile out of this woman!

Yes, I was drawn to her, yes, she was pretty, but would she give me the time of day???

What do y'all think?

NO would be the correct answer.

So I had to get to work.

I had to conquer this woman, if that's the last thing I did!

Ya know what did it?


A '65 Pontiac GTO!

When I saw D in that car, I knew she was my "dream-babe", so I went to work on her, and told her all of my corny jokes, rubbed up against her suggestively, and pretty soon we had us a date and that little GTO just purred right along while her windshield just "clouded up"!

Remember the "four-footed ones? PLEASE to click to feed and vote for Paulding Humane!

The Animal Rescue Site

DA "Murph"! On him's 5th Birthday!


Timespanner said...

"So.... Y'all Had Enough Of Me Yet?"

"NO!" is the call from one of the seats at the back ...

Bill Craig said...

Lisa and everyone (Y'all done with "air-guitarring" to that song all over your living rooms yet? :))

We HAVE some pics of D and her little gold GTO we're gonna scan and show you, stay tuned!

BECKS! Word of the day is mycal.

Love you little kiddos!


Anonymous said...

"So.... Y'all Had Enough Of Me Yet?"

Brought to mind an old disco song:

More More More, how do you like it?

The Pontiac GTO, brought to mind my exhusbands first car. It was yellow, but for the life of me, I can't remember what make of car it is. I can't zoom into the photo to catch the name. Maybe I'll email you the photo and maybe you will know.

Anyway, looking forward to the pics and the rest of the story.

Take care, Becks

Word of the day: dorkier

Bill Craig said...


Need to check with D about the "rest of the story".

For now, suffice it to say that mistakes were made by both of us.

D sends her love and we both wish you and DEB a great weekend.

Goes for the rest of the "peanut gallery" too. WHEREVER y'all are!