Friday, October 30, 2009

Pot Pourri Day

Well, it's been a hectic and disappointing week, but one perseveres as best one can, yes?

1. We don't qualify for food stamps, because D and I make too much a month. Never mind that we both have medical expenses out the ying-yang (which is located near the "ol wazoo", remember?) a car payment, my COBRA insurance, gas, car insurance, groceries and rent and related living expenses, our combined income is over the 1500.00 a month limit so we don't qualify.

2. Filled out the Bankruptcy papers this week and paid the lawyers. This was something that really shook me up emotionally. Last year at this time, my credit score was in the high 700's. Today it's in the low 400's, and in a few months, it will be 0, I reckon. Friends and family have been most supportive (especially The Dopers, who helped with the funds for said Bankruptcy and so many other things,), but ya know? It still hurts when you buy stuff, make all the monthly payments and then suddenly stiff your creditors.

Yeah, yeah, I know these are tough times, and I'm not the only one doing it, but still....

3. Still can't ride the Trek because of that damn swollen left ankle which is still causing a slight limp, but at least I'm mobile (if not "upwardly" so).

4. Still busy scouring the net and hopeful that Congress will pull their heads out of their collected asses and get some kind of health care reform going soon, because my COBRA runs out at the end of the year at the lower cost and then jumps 300% higher, and private insurance (with its very high deductible) isn't much better.

5. Speaking of the net. I have received some Friend requests from my fellow cycling buddies and have added you, thanks. I'm not much into the social networking thing, but it's nice to be thought about.

6. Still spend a lot of time playing World of Warcraft (the only pleasure I allow myself due to the generosity of aruvqan and also due to someone's anonymous generosity, am playing it on the largest monitor I have ever had. Thanks "secret friend".

Here's the latest picture of my toon Alliance Warrior Wolkenlaufre ("Wolkie") and his mount Silka.

So that sorta catches y'all up on things for now.

Gettin' close to All Hallow's Eve and the Trick or Treaters coming by for candy tomorrow. I was 13 when I realized I was too old to go running around as Batman in gray long johns and the cape and mask my Mom made me.

Here it is again, in a funkier version of the original:

(Be sure to do that crazy "finger-eye sweep" as you're dancing to it, okay?

Have a great weekend and don't forget to click to feed and vote for Paulding Humane Society!

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