Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lack Of Reasoning Or Naivete'?

In my last entry, I told y'all about Angel Food Ministries and how for $28.00 ($30.00 if ordered online) I could eat 3 prepared meals a day for a month, right?

Riiiiiiight, Dude!

Now come on!

90 meals for only $28.00?????

The box has 10 prepared, frozen meals, Bill, you "Shankipottamus"!

Do you see what's happening here?

I am not thinking things through!

Here's something else:

After D and I first divorced, I was living pretty much on the cheap, so I decided to start clipping coupons?

I was a clippin' MoFo too, Dude!

That first Sunday, I clipped every damn coupon I could find, and the next day went to the supermarket, loaded up the buggy, got in line, and after the cashier totalled the order, I handed her a fistful of coupons with a big ol' grin!

Well, she starts scanning them and then stops and asks me "where's the stuff these coupons are good for?"


"Well, I thought I clipped the coupons out of the paper, hand them to you and you'd take the value and subtract it from the total?"

After I said that, you coulda heard a pin drop, and then one of the ladies behind me started to giggle, came around, took my hand, looked at that white circle on my ring finger, and asked, "How long you been on your own, Hon?", and then the whole line went nuts with laughter, while I just stood there looking like I'd just got off the bus.

Apparently, the manufacturers like for you to actually buy the products that relate to those coupons.

I also once bought Erica Jong's Fear of Flying, and gave it to an elderly lady school teacher friend (who was about to take her very first airplane trip) as a Bon Voyage present, thinking it was one of those "Self-Help" books.

Told D about it, and she said, "you didn't!", and then explained to me what I had given to this very dear old lady, who sent me me a "thank you" note when she returned.

So you tell me: Stupid, naive, or what?

Here's one of those "spooky story songs" about the "Carroll County Accident". I don't think this happened here in our Carroll County, unless maybe I was that "accident", after landing here in 1960!

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Anonymous said...

"So you tell me: Stupid, naive, or what?"

Life, just life, hysterical at times, just gotta laugh. Makes life interesting and gives us funny stories to tell.

We've all had those dummkopf german boy moments. Just laugh, share and wait for the next one.

And since I can't get the fact that a pig can have a 30 minute orgasm, WOW!!, out of my mind, here's another little psycho test for y'all. Might save on a visit to the shrink.

Have fun, enjoy, take care, Becks