Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Think We're "Closing In" On Halloween, Y'all!

So first, here's a picture of "The German Boy" after his sleep study!

Puffy eyes, no make-up, no lipstick, no eye-shadow, hair all matted-up, but I had some GREAT dreams. *LOL*

We'll know the results in two weeks, but my Polysomnographer told me I entered into "severe apneic territory" several times during the night!

Pulmonary Oxyen Saturation dropped to 72% at one time. (Normal for me is 92-96% or greater). 72% is heading toward respiratory arrest.

So this is the latest I am doing about this!

I still have so much to give!

Okay Eff all of that shit! Just help me take care of feeding the 4-footers, please?

The Animal Rescue Site

Remember to click to feed and vote for Paulding Humane! They were the first animal welfare group I became associated with and they are near and dear to me.




Margaret said...

My first thought when I read your sleep study review was that you must be REALLY tired. That could be adding to your depression-- or the depression could be in part responsible for your sleep problems. I hope you get this solved soon.

About 6 years ago, I developed a condition for which I had to take prednisone every day. During those 4 years, I put on 80 lbs and developed problems with my sleep. Did the sleep study, and then used the CPAP machine for 2 years.

My condition went into remission (for want of a better word), I lost some weight-- though not all of it as yet, and I'm now off the machine and finally getting some good rest.

I wish you a speedy return of good sleep, and recovery from the other problems that have been plaguing you.

P.S. When I was badly sleep-deprived, I often felt as though I was becoming senile: forgetting things, people, words, making mistakes. I'm definitely better now, so you can only imagine how inept I must have been during that period. :)

P.P.S. I've been voting for Paulding Humane Society every day, often twice a day (from the office)



Bill Craig said...

Whoa! I think I scared everbody off with that picture! Only 9 views today!

Margaret, stress on top of stress is wearing me out and making me tired.

Thanks for sharing that part of your life with me/us. I know it cannot have been a pleasant time for you either!

Today I picked up applications for Medicaid and Food Stamps. Also checked on and ordered a package from Angelfood Ministries. (28 bucks for a month's worth of 3 prepared meals a day!)

I want to be as less a burden than I can on my sweet wife, so at least this way, she can save on feeding me!

I miss being able to help others, especially the 4 footed ones as I once did.

I have cast a lot of my pride to the winds, and now I'm just "maintaining".

Thanks for your note, Hon. I am always happy to hear from you and you and the others REALLY help to keep my spirits going!



PS: Thanks also for voting and feeding!