Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Y'all Ready For Some MORE Pictures? :)

This is the Methodist Church where Dondra and I were married. It's very small and could almost be considered a chapel. Small membership too, but ya know what? THAT is just fine with the "German Boy"! I LOVE small churches.

This one is at the altar, and were my knees a'knockin? Yeah, they were!

I plan to add more ASAP, but I'm having difficulty with PICASA, since they are copyrighted, and it will only let me save certain ones to MY PICTURES, sorry!

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I haven't given up, even though I think THEY have. I still think we can do this so let's do it! :) Just checked and Paulding Humane has now dropped to #12 in our state, so if you know someone who doesn't know about clicking and voting, please tell 'em okay? Also remember that every time you click the ad box PHS and Alzheimer's Research share in the proceeds! :)

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Thanks for your visit! I love y'all! Enjoy this pretty song!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the pictures, looking forward to more.

Once again congratulations to you and Dondra. She must be a very special lady to partner up, again, with such a very special fella.

I love you posting music video's and especially love Our House. Hope this runs true in your house.

When it comes to compliments, women are ravenous, bloodsucking
monsters, always wanting more, more, more! And if you give it to 'em, you'll get back plenty in return.

-- Homer Simpson

Good advice,,

Later y'all, BeckyP

Bill Craig said...


As long as I have Dondra and Bert (the cat), my guitars and you, our "House.. will be a very, very fine house", indeed.

If I didn't before, let me just point out again that the two of us never married anyone else in the entire time we were "apart".

Neither side of the family accepted the divorce as it usually happens.

My Mom and Dad loved Dondra, and never ever "let go". And neither did the "In-Laws" let go of me.

SOMEBODY (ies) KNEW there was a love running very, very deep and would "surface" sooner or later.


Are me and you supposed to know each other?

It was totally "MY" mistake.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this posts twice, but I'm not sure it went through the first time.

No Bill, no mistake on your part. You don't know me as making my acquaintance in person, but I've been reading for sometime on the forums and following your posts and blog. My first introduction to you was here:

I'm drawn to anyone with a great sense of humor, especially under such dire circumstances, animal lovers, musicians, adventurers and all around great guy. So naturally I was drawn for whatever reason to you and your life. So therefore I know you much better than you know me.

Yes indeed, there must have been something still deep inside both of you that kept you connected and then reunited.

Better stop or I could go on and on with this.

Anyway, take care of YOU and YOURS as best you can with unconditional love and life will be good to you for as long as it can.

I'll be watching and reading about this next phase of your life.

Later y'all, Becky