Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well, DUH!?

I'm on this one a little late, peeps (been kinda busy), but this article (click on the title above, to take you to the article, which purports that early diagnosis of AD saves money!) really sorta points out the obvious, don't you think?

And then I'd like to link you to an article which my friend Natalie has on her website:

The subject is narcissism, and it made me smile when I saw it, because a former SO accused me of being that way.

What? Just because I go to tan, like to look and dress nice, and think I'm "God's Gift To Women"????

That last was a joke: I don't think that at all. The best compliment I ever had about my looks was that I am "attractive in a John-Wayne kinda way". I have also been accused of looking like Jerry Springer, John Denver, Elton John and (sometimes) the late John Lennon.

But enough about me! What do you think of me????? Ha! Gotcha!

So anyway, no, I'm no narcissist. Not unless you count having to compensate for my homeliness by being clean and wearing clean (if not expensive) clothes.

Back to Natalie's site, though: Please scroll back up, click the link and bookmark her site? Hers is much more informative than mine, and she is a caregiver as well, so she has first-hand knowledge you may be able to use for your loved one.

The "Dog Days" came early this year here in Georgia, and the heat and humidity are just about unbearable, so wherever you are, I hope you're comfortable.

Don't forget the four-legged ones! They must be miserable as well, although some will end their misery by being euthanized.

Here's the link to click to feed and vote for Paulding Humane in the Shelter Challenge, and please let someone else know to do this, okay?

The Animal Rescue Site




skericheri said...

Bill---I don’t know whether you asked the “What do you think of me?????” question rhetorically or in jest...but...I will answer it.

I both like and admire you. Instead of spending a great deal of time feeling sorry for yourself you take the time to keep us informed about how you are feeling...Ask for our help on your ‘pet’ projects...Produce an interesting blog with varied subject matter. Even if your blog was a bore and you were a bit wimpy, I would probably keep returning to click on your daily musical selections.. They are so varied. It is always an adventure to see what the new one is.

Bill Craig said...


Thanks for the kind words. I often think people think more of me than I do myself!

As for the quote you mentioned: It WAS in jest: "Enough about me! What do YOU think of me?" was me just saying that a guy who would say that is just so full of himself, and any woman who heard that should leave skid-marks getting away! *LOL*

It was satire. I use it a lot as a "defense mechanism". I try very hard to know the difference between it and "SARCASM", but sometimes sarcasm "slips in".

But you know what?

Sometimes I DO feel sorry for myself! Did you read the latest entry? I try my BEST not to, but sometimes I cannot help it, and I hate myself at those times!

I want to be BRAVE like Farrah or Michael Landon or Frank Zappa, but sometimes I just wanna wallow.

I wrote Suzette (my counsellor) that I try very hard to kep this blog "upbeat", but sometimes, like a circus clown when he takes off the make-up, the "real me" surfaces.

I hope I didn't rain on your parade, Honey.

Thanks again for writing, Cheri. I will ALWAYS answer!


Bill Craig said...

ADDENDUM to my note to Cheri:

1. The music: I'm a musician and I LOVE music - ALL KINDS (Hell, I even like the early days of Rap: Sugar Hill Gang, Tone Loc, and The Beasties)!

2. My "pet projects": I just love animals, period, and it honors ME that you would help ME help THEM.

I am glad you're enjoying "the adventure", Cheri, and I thank you for caring enough to write me!