Monday, June 29, 2009

Random Thoughts

Let's just let this be a little pot pourri of random thoughts, okay?

Some stuff that happened in Germany when I was little:

1. I remember one of my teachers (in the German school - I had to go back and forth, according to wherever my Dad would be stationed, and depending on if they had an English-Speaking School on post - most of the time they didn't, so I often got caught inbetween the two languages), Dr. Hertz.

Think of him as a very kind old man who loved to teach children, and one who understood my dilemma: a child born in Germany, mostly German, and soon to be travelling to the USA.

German Math had us starting with decimals in the 4th grade, but when I got to the USA, it was fractions, so I had to re-learn everything: slow down, back-track, whatever. Anyway, it put me so far behind it confused me!

Remember, I said most of my memoirs are going to be "out of sequence", okay? This is one of those (many) times!

2. Another German Christmas Memory: Knecht Ruprecht (The Bad-Ass German Santa Claus) came to see me one Christmas Eve, raked his broomstick across my face (made marks!) and told me that if I didn't fall down on my knees right then and there and beg forgiveness for being a spoiled brat, not only wasn't I going to get any presents that year, but neither would any of my future children!

Well, what could I do?

What could I do?

I got all contrite and called her my Mom ("Knecht" was Mom)

She threw down her broom and called me her son,

And I came away with a different point of view!

Christmas is, as Christmas does

And if you wanna get gifts,

It better be because,

You were good the whole year through!

(Apologies to my hero, the late WONDERFUL John R. Cash! - that having been a "take-off" on the song "A Boy Named Sue"))

I have more Germany memories and pictures to share with you (among them Anita's letter to my Dad's parents - the penmanship so exquisite you won't believe it), but those will have to wait for a later time.

For now, I would like to acquaint you with the music of Bill Dalziel of Scotland. He is a friend of Becky's, who is a friend of mine through Alzheimer's and this blog.

This first tune "reached" me right away.

And this is the one which made me ask: "Why haven't we seen Bill in the US, yet?"

Becky, thanks for sharing Bill with me/us, and please give him my best.

I'm a "Bill Dalziel Fan"!

Alba gu brath!

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Anonymous said...


I came back today to see if you had posted anything new. So, I'm just reading along, AND, there they were, my videos and my Bill's songs.

Ahh, now you've made my eyes wet, along with a huge grin on my face.

I'm so so pleased that you appreciate Bill's voice and music and have posted them here.

I listen to Bill's songs, over and over again. There's something about his voice that is so soothing and comforting.

Thank you again other Bill.


Bill Craig said...

Ich bin...."Der Andere Bill".

And I am "Ein grosser Fan", and wish I could have a cd of Bill's music!

Becky, do you remember how nuts we in the States went over Roger Whittaker and his tune "The Last Farewell"?

Well, something tells me that YOUR Bill can work that same magic HERE!

Again, I am TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by his work and want to hear moreQ!

Thanks, Hon


Anonymous said...

Hee Hee, der andere Bill, when I read that you were an "Ein grosser Fan", well I didn't know who or what that was, so I googled it, thinking, it was, maybe, another artist or musician, and I got some pretty odd results, until I decided to use the ole German to English translator, and aha, "A large fan."

I also googled Whittaker, to remind me, and of course, spent a good hour listening to him, another great voice and entertainer. I do remember his unique ability to whistle. What fun.

My Bill was very humbled with your admiration of him, but he feels he is out of practice and doesn't have much time for the music. I will continue to encourage him to continue doing something that he loves so much.

We'll have to see about getting you a cd of his music, and I do believe I may have one more music video up my sleeve.

Fräulein, Becky

Bill Craig said...


Please tell your Bill to follow his Muse, keep a guitar, sheet of paper and pen handy.

Once she has us in her grasp, our Muse is hard to ignore, and Bill's is very strong-minded indeed.

Listening to what I have ALREADY heard, makes me wonder what he might have "stashed away" somewhere! *LOL*

Please give him my regards, and my e-mail address: wolkenlaufer, if he'd like to get in touch.

Again: Thank YOU, Becky, for letting us get to know this very talented person!