Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alzheimer's And What It Destroys

It doesn't only wear away the individual's Psyche, it also works on that of those around him/her.

Friends and loved ones are constantly having to "adjust", to "re-track" and sometimes they are caught unaware, when we suddenly "tune them out". Sometimes in mid-sentence.

Bless them, they suddenly just look at each other and just....wait..... for the re-connect.

Sometimes it comes, and sometimes the subject just gets put on another "track" and "they" have to re-adjust.

I know this, because D has told me that it has happened with me.

I can be sitting, eating dinner, and all of a sudden stare into nothingness.

I keep having to ask for peoples' patience because my short-term memory sucks so bad.

One example: My bicycle. I recently forgot how to put air into my road-tires, so I had to take the Trek 100o Road Bike to the local bike shop.

Alan took one look at me, one look at the bike I was bringing him, another look at the computer on the handlebars (which showed over 7 thousand miles), and got this really weird look on his face: a WTF? look!

So I had to explain.


So he came back with the old "CRS" joke:

"Can't Remember Shit"

Remember that one, friends and neighbors?

He tried his best to empathize, but he wasn't in the same "place" as me, so I just nodded and grinned, like I'm s'posed to.

They try, don't they, bless 'em?

And THAT is why I say we are CONFUSING them!

ALL they know about Alzheimer's Disease is that we suddenly lose control of our minds and our bodily functions!

A challenge to the Alzheimer's Association: Do a friggin' Survey and see what people know about the disease!


And then let's start over.

Without all the "Gobbledygook".

In these troubled economic times, we're asking a hell of a lot of people to understand all the different types of dementia and where to "classify" them!

We HAVE to "break it down" for them!

We must ask ourselves: "What is it we want the public to accept?"

And to do that, we HAVE to go THEM to find out what it is they "think" they "know"

You CANNOT make me BELIEVE that "John Q Public" understands Alzheimer's Disease other than what he's heard on the news or in jokes.

We HAVE to re-group!

Thanks and please remember the "fur-babies"?

The Animal Rescue Site

Keep a "Candle In The Window" for me, please?

Thanks and much Love!



Anonymous said...

A Candle In The Window

There's a candle in the window
Just to let you know I'm here
So, wherever you are going--
Remember, I'm still near.

Feel secure and safe in knowing
That my love will never change
Regardless of appearances--
My love remains the same.

There is nowhere you could travel
That, for me, is too far away--
I'll go where you desire
Beside you, I will stay.

I'll live within your heart
Forever-- Nothing will
Ever change this truth--
That I am with you, still.

Yes, there's a candle in the window
To where my soul can see--
While gazing out, upon you,
You're looking in, at me--

You see the person I've become
Yet, who I used to be--
You see my light, still shining
My love-- Eternally.

- by Dorothy Womack


Here's a candle in the window for all of us, still here, suffering with this disease and for those that have been lost to it.

Ihr Freund und bewundrer, Becky

Bill Craig said...

That's a beautiful poem Becky, thank you.

In a different way, someone once said those words to me.

She lied.

Also I was able to see the picture of the brain scratching its "head".


I hope you're having a good Sunday, and thank you for keeping in touch!


Anonymous said...

As far as my Sunday is going, Alte Schei├če, nur einen anderen Tag.

And I'm sitting here at my computer doing this, which I enjoy because of people like you, with a kindred spirit.

As nosey a person that I am, I would like to know more about this "She lied" person. But as with my past experience with such a person, it's best left in the past, especially if it is painful to recall.

There are those that if they can't take the heat, do get out of the kitchen.

But with this person leaving, it brought you back to D, who will see this through with you. She sounds like a wonderful woman.

OK, I really must, step away from my computer and do some icky chores as the day is getting away from me.

Until later, Becky