Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today Is a Very SPECIAL Day!

It is special because for the very first time since I began writing this blog, we have averaged 100 hits a day.

I realize there are other blogs more popular than this one, which go "off the charts" with their numbers, but I am especially gratified to know that y'all are reading and getting some "insight" into what my life is like with EOAD.

Hopefully, you have also smiled or even laughed at what was written, because that has been my intent all along: to "entertain as well as educate" , and that's why I include the music videos every now and then.

After serving in the US Air Force, one of my first jobs was working as a DJ at a radio station in Carrollton Georgia, and I really enjoyed playing the music and entertaining my audience.


Thanks for "hanging out" here and caring enough to read my words and learning about Alzheimer's Disease.

I have a small bottle of "Sekt" (a mix of sparkling wine and champagne available only in Europe - or at a very high price here in the USA), and I'm gonna pop the cork and drink a toast to all of YOU!

Thank you very much!


Please remember to feed the "fur-babies" and to vote for Paulding Humane Society in the "Shelter Challenge"

The Animal Rescue Site

Thanks to my friend and cycling Club Hypoxia teammate siouxgeonz for linking me to this very beautiful song called, "The Touch of The Master's Hand"

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SiouxGeonz said...

And, who knows, maybe the singer is wondering "why did I get so many hits?"